Status: Active

USB Annihilation

One day WalTor came to SCUL, back when it the Fort was nothing but a disorganized mess in half a basement and a garage, bringing a curvy orange sparkly cruiser hull. Skunk fell in love and WalTor gave it to him. Skunk had bought another ship just for the cruiser tank, and sapped it over to this new orange hull.

The original fork for this ship was donated by Crusty - he said "this fork's messed up but it should bother you anyway". It turned out that it was messed up in the best way - this ship had just the right rake a trail to make it really carve through space. However the fork didn't last and a new one needed to me made - with the exact same specs, except a few inches longer, just because.

The ears on the forks were a bit of a fun romp - the steel that needed to be coped to the fork legs needed to be a certain length in order to fit in the jig. Skunk indented to cut them short but decided it was more interesting the way it was.

In the sophomoric days of SCUL we loved to ride choppers down the stairs: it was scary, but choppers feel like civi ships when you point them down like that. Bouncy civi ships, anyway. Of course no one like to pick their teeth up with broken fingers, so we stopped taking chances before anyone had to. But USB Annihilation was really good at it.


Light Years3566.277
Thrust Rating4.1
Handling Rating3.12
Difficulty Rating8.02
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief Engineer
BuilderFleet Admiral Skunk
WelderFleet Admiral Skunk
OriginBike Doctor
Christened on990925
LocationFort Tyler
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


210724   Twenty-Eleven, Two Nine Seven Enigma
210410   Semi-official Beta Spectacular Wombat
191102   Hallowheels 19 Octopus
190928   Princess Bride Crow Magnumb
190727   Reindeer Games Natas
180623   Tell and Show Lordmcfuzz
180407   Alohamission 2018 Shepherd
171104   Life Day 2017 Taco
171007   Little Red Riding pre-HONK! Beetle Juice
160917   Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys beezwax
160827   Slingshot Nebulae Beetle Juice
160709   Red Light Hustle Proteus
160702   There Will Be Fireworks Beetle Juice
160604   Twentieth Anniversary Fox Bacchus
160514   Do The Worm BaneThunderwolf
160507   Yer Mom Is So Chopped Taco
160416   The Friendly Skies Lordmcfuzz
151107   Omegamission 2015 Bacchus
151031   Hallowheels 2015 DreadFlint
150808   Take 'er Easy Natas
150718   Hot Shot Bacchus
150704   Spindependence AceHole
150606   Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Peanut Butter
150516   Show and Tell DreadFlint
150425   Chop Your Own Adventure Dreamer
140906   Radiation Worship Wombat
131102   Omegamission 2013 Evil Twin
130914   Funky Mummy Zappa
121027   Hallowheels 2012 Civitron
120922   Where Is Wombat? BaneThunderwolf
120901   Night of the Living U-Hauls Civitron
120825   For Tinman bt
120811   Shabadoonicorn Triumphus
120804   No Matter What Kpafun
120721   Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Pretzel
120630   One Wet Pilot BaneThunderwolf
120623   Chopra vs. Godzilla BaneThunderwolf
120609   SCUL Day: Can You Dig It? BaneThunderwolf
120519   Disco Diva Dance Party BaneThunderwolf
120414   Saturn in Opposition Self Destruct
120407   Cranktabulous Alphamission! Waldo
111231   Cranks for the Memories Kpafun
111029   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels Kpafun
111022   Bells Angels Kpafun
110917   Weird Bumps Kpafun
110903   Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Kpafun
110827   Hurricane Shmurricane DrClaw
110820   8-bit Seal Cruft Self Destruct
110806   Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Civitron
110402   AlphaMission DrClaw
101030   Omegamission Hallowheels Civitron
101023   Shiny Metals DrClaw
101009   Skunk Day Civitron
100918   SCULimpics Night Games Wombat
100731   The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Slaphappy
100724   Orchestral Maneuvers in Space Q
100626   T.R.O.N. Plasmonster
100612   Earth Girls are Easy Dozer
100529   Gelatinous Cube Buckminister
100522   Secret Places Plasmonster
100515   Standard Ops To JP System Q
100417   From the Death Star(t) to the Finish Visigoth
100410   Blue Angels in a Ho-down Plasmonster
100402   Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Q
091024   Pruny Hands on Film Pretzel
091003   Show the Admiral a Good Time - Skunk Day 2009 SayAgain
090926   Snobs 'N' Wigs Buckminister
090905   Stormin' the Castle Appleseed
090523   Beach 'n' Heat Q
090508   Live Long and Phosphor Dozer
090502   Art Like a Fart Q
090425   Space, the Final Funtier Q
090404   Aplhamission Q
081018   Downtown Visigoth
081011   Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk Buckminister
081004   Skunk Day Q
080913   Mony Mony (ride ChromePony) Buckminister
080816   Friendly Fire Evil Twin
080628   S'more In Store Mosquito
080621   Submersive Choppah Underwater League Nameless
080607   SCUL Day 2008 NoWay
080524   Space Truckin' Kamikaze
080510   Mixtape Nameless
071013   This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! Meatball Mulligan
070728   Hapto Day Leotard
070715   WalTor Day eHawk
070623   Fresh (Pond) Air eHawk
070526   Rotwang Day Roadkill
070407   ALPHA 007 Crumpet
061021   Whistle While You Twerk Secret Chief
061007   Skunk Day 2006 - Scorpion Bowl Agenda Crumpet
060930   Bovine Bonanza Nixie
060923   We Accidentally Terminated An Earthling Crumpet
060909   Homecoming Queen Nosepicker
060819   NoWay Day Adventure Nameless
060812   eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Evil Twin
060805   Swing Set (Diva Day) Crumpet
060729   Subconscious Party Shakes
060722   Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Veal
060715   SCULimpics 2006 Dreamer
060708   Waltor Day 2006 Zotz
060701   First of July Masokist
060624   June Oh Ween Mosquito
060617   Vomit Day2006 Meatball Mulligan
060610   Rumble In Somerville Secret Chief
060520   Crack Day Of Awesome Evil Twin
060514   Dude - You're Getting A Deluge! Mosquito
060506   Alphamission 06 Dreamer
051030   Hallowheels05 Dreamer
051022   Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Dreamer
051015   Radiation Scattering Vegetable
051001   OctoberTest Evil Twin
050924   Isla Castilia Blockhead Buri Bukh
050917   Rain Rain Go Away Blockhead Buri Bukh
050910   Moose Day Celebrated Brewer
050903   Somethin or other Blockhead Buri Bukh
050826   Operation Super Posi Brewer
050820   Egg Toss Dreamer
050813   No NoWay Day Blockhead Buri Bukh
050730   NamelessDay: Local Defense System Evil Twin
050723   Megaseth Day Blockhead Buri Bukh
050716   Post SCULimpics Crumpet
050709   One Bike To Rule Them All Onath
050702   WalTor Day (2005) Brewer
050625   LowKey Mosquito
050625   LowKey Mental Simon
050514   Stoodio53 Hapto
050507   Iron Pouring Kaibosch
050430   Nothing But Strong Onath
050423   Radiation Overload Nameless
050416   Mega Seth a liscous Shakes
050409   Beta Missssion 05 Nameless
050402   Aplamission 05 Pikachu
041030   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Mosquito
041016   Jump Start beezwax
041009   Skunk Day 04 Twitch
040925   Axis of Elvis Phooka
040918   Broken Pickle beezwax
040911   College Rock Mosquito
040905   Southern Exposure (Century 04) Phooka
040828   Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Natas
040814   NoWay No-Show Vegetable
040731   Tour De Nosepicker Threespeed
040724   Naked Keg Party Brewer
040717   SCULimpics 2004 Tarantula
040710   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) beezwax
040703   Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Concarne
040626   FireFlies The Church
040619   I Dunno (vomit day) Tarantula
040612   Studio 53 Mosquito
040605   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) Onath
040529   Wherever The Wind Blows Shakes
040515   Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque Shakes
040508   Derby Durby Derbie Nameless
040501   ShortAnd Sweet Phooka
040424   Oppo Oppo The Freek
040417   Stop N Chop ktron
040410   Beta Ride Rotwang
040403   Alphamission 04 Nosepicker
030607   Expect To See Dawn NoWay
030531   Double Clutchin' Diesel Drenchin' Dr HeadCrash
030524   The Best Little Warehouse In Fenway Rotwang
030510   Get Outta Town Shakes
030503   Back In The Saddle TwistedMike
030426   Come Or Go Rotwang
030419   MegaSeth Day Smasher
030405   AlphaMission Danger Mouse
021102   Hallowheels Rahji
021026   Last Dance Rotwang
021019   Take The Canoli Vegetable
021005   Skunk Day Observed Rotwang
020928   SCULimpics 2002 Vegetable
020921   Massive Entropy Denial NoWay
020914   Stickem Up Danger Mouse
020831   Century Meets U-hell NoWay
020825   Muppets Take Manhattan NoWay
020817   NoWay Day 2002 LoJack
020804   Intergalaxative Rode Onland Return NoWay
020802   Intergalaxative Rode Onland NoWay
020727   Three Hour Tour NoWay
020713   The Quickenin' NoWay
020706   Submersion BarFly
020629   Field Trip NoWay
020608   ShouldaBeenThere MoneyShot
020601   SCUL Day 2002 NoWay
020518   Crack Day Flasher
020511   Shakes Rattle & Roll Shakes
020504   RoughService Flasher
020427   Derby World Flasher
020420   Fresh Pond Chat Flasher
020413   5000 Mile Mark Danger Mouse
020406   Alphamission 02 NoWay
010929   Storytime NoWay
010908   Skylab Splashdown Danger Mouse
010901   Down Mechanical Lane Shakes
010825   Catostrophic Failure PitStink
010818   SCULimpics 2001 Games Lashotka
010811   Film Noir LoJack
010714   Narrow Passage NoWay
010707   WalTor Day MegaTron
010701   Super Heavy Radiation MegaTron
010624   Square Ride Rumblefish
010609   Moon Over Aborertum Rumblefish
010602   Mmmm... Ice Cream Maddog
010512   Shake Yer Booty Shakes
010428   Get Lost Shakes
010421   Beep Beep Beep Whooo! NoWay
010414   Constant Groovin' NoWay
010407   Aplhamission 21 NoWay
001016   Car Free Day Smash
001001   Close-Up And Personal NoWay
000924   Where The Wind Blows NoWay
000819   Two Hundred Scale Miles Per Hour Flasher
000813   Good Buy Money Smash
000812   It Was Working When We Left Flasher
000806   Mindy Milky NoWay
000722   Seige This Flasher
000720   Art Beating grendel
000715   Slummerville Smash
000628   Pain 5 Flasher
000610   DBD BBQ grendel
000604   Siege The Castle Shady
000520   19 Pilots NoWay
000506   Wake Up The Dead Nails
000423   Wet and Dense Gropo
000416   Fudley Dudley Flasher
000401   April Fools Flasher
991102   Hallowwheels 99 Fleet Admiral Skunk
991024   Drunken Colony Attack Fleet Admiral Skunk
991017   Drunken Colony Attack Fleet Admiral Skunk
991010   Fresh Fodder For The Derbies Fleet Admiral Skunk
991002   Phat Red Line Fleet Admiral Skunk
990926   Double Derby Fleet Admiral Skunk
990925   Silver Scream Lone Wulfe