Status: Success



Stoodio53 -- Ooooooh man! That was sooo fun. We got like a ton of mechanicals. We tacoed so many wheels that someone went and got salsa. We saw Crank and Barfly's awesome photography. We also drank their harpoon molecules. Then we rode off and derbied! And rode like totally nekkid. For real. I mean it. THE END.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bird Rhinoceros 308.552   Ensign
Blipblipbeep Doctor Love 370.158   Lieutenant
Bushido YellowLazor 169.02   Aviator First Class
Captain Underpants Trez Bonz 269.889  
Concarne Energy 97.0958   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Evil Twin G.I. Jane 35.6038  
Ezekiel Cyclotron 141.917   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 276.55   Vice Admiral
Gropo YellowLazor 153.02   Aviator First Class
Hapto Annihilation 150.199   Lieutenant
Mars Radical 194.346   Master Chief Petty Officer
Mental Simon Spooky Pirate 98.667   Aviator First Class
moose Loki Ducker 1650.46   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Mosquito Pestilence 123.671   Master Chief Petty Officer
Mother Mayhem Mammy Pleasant 99.655   Aviator
Nosepicker Jumbo Shrimp 462.308   Commander
Onath Durty Basturd 862.454   Vice Admiral
Oppo Mjollnir 241.101  
PainBunny Pale Horse 268.173   Lieutenant Commander
pecan Sugardaddy 45.5272  
Pengo Pig Champion 116.262   Aviator First Class
Phooka Delirium 458.074   Lieutenant Commander
Rotwang Bonnie & Clyde 350.53   Lieutenant Commander
Samurai George Dilboy 442.448   Commander
Shakes Pride 102.491   Lieutenant Junior Grade
snarly Postfix 272.753   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Spooky Compliance 144.196   Commodore
Sweetums Darkendank 163.008  
UncleSam Sloth 84.3402   Aviator
vomit Jan Brady 101.254   Petty Officer Second Class
Wormser Ooh La La 78.2739   Aviator
Wrench Skylab 188.951   Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot
Filmer Samurai
Navigator Phooka
Tailgunner Mosquito
Tool Bag Blipblipbeep

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
Light Years6.125
G-Well Activity2.22
Technical Rating2.014