Maddog will risk his life for a high five. Responsible for the infamous "Maddog Maneuver", a suicide move in dogfight derby. In addition to his aggressive dogfight tactics, Maddog is also known for his generous contibutions to the web and the fort, and anything else you ask of him. Plus he makes a mean homemade pizza pie!

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date000826
Knighted BySCUL
Light Years605.49

Task Force Record

Medi Bag50.75
Tool Bag2


Hi-Fives/Waves Back248
Derby Win5
Misc Bonus335

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
120721 MAD Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Anger
090718 MAD Peeecamatic: Pechanical Civilian Ship
030809 MAD Large Melon George Dilboy
030726 MAD Two Miles Per Hour George Dilboy
030712 MAD Happy Fun Times Bike Club Lust
030517 MAD Crack Day 2003 George Dilboy
030510 MAD Get Outta Town George Dilboy
030503 MAD Back In The Saddle George Dilboy
030419 MAD MegaSeth Day George Dilboy
030405 MAD AlphaMission George Dilboy
021026 MAD Last Dance Sloth
021019 MAD Take The Canoli Sloth
020928 MAD SCULimpics 2002 Sloth
020907 MAD Hangin Tough Sloth
020817 MAD NoWay Day 2002 George Dilboy
020810 MAD Castle Island George Dilboy
020803 MAD Full Moon-ing George Dilboy
020713 MAD The Quickenin' George Dilboy
020622 MAD Super Lame-o Bailout Lust
020525 MAD No Mo Negi Jiggi Mojo George Dilboy
020511 MAD Shakes Rattle & Roll George Dilboy
020504 MAD RoughService George Dilboy
020420 MAD Fresh Pond Chat George Dilboy
020413 MAD 5000 Mile Mark George Dilboy
010929 MAD Storytime George Dilboy
010908 MAD Skylab Splashdown George Dilboy
010901 MAD Down Mechanical Lane George Dilboy
010825 MAD Catostrophic Failure George Dilboy
010818 MAD SCULimpics 2001 Games George Dilboy
010811 MAD Film Noir George Dilboy
010804 MAD Pancreatic Cramitore George Dilboy
010721 MAD FlamingGlobe George Dilboy
010714 MAD Narrow Passage George Dilboy
010701 MAD Super Heavy Radiation George Dilboy
010609 MAD Moon Over Aborertum Lust
010602 MAD Mmmm... Ice Cream Annihilation
010526 MAD The Naughty MIT Policeman Taught Us A New Word Lust
010512 MAD Shake Yer Booty George Dilboy
010421 MAD Beep Beep Beep Whooo! George Dilboy
010414 MAD Constant Groovin' George Dilboy
010407 MAD Aplhamission 21 George Dilboy
001029 MAD Hallowheels 20 Sloth
001014 MAD Moon Over Arboretum Lust
001009 MAD SCULimpics Night Games 20 Sloth
001007 MAD SCULimpics Day Games 2000 Sloth
000909 MAD Cutthroat Sloth
000902 MAD Constellation Hop Lust
Stone Cog