Status: Success


Bunker Chill

Pre-Mission Activities:

Strange noises were heard from the deep recesses of Fort Berkeley. For lack of a better designation, said noises
were dubbed the "Dump Truck".

Smash and Natty Gan lead the effort to decode a super-encrypted message with some success.

USB Pestilence and USB Tradgedy went into drydock for repair.

Gropo demonstrated the proper use of SCUL's new gyroscopic navigation system.

The Mission:

With Waltor as his tailgunner, Megatron successfully navigated the fleet to the Charleston System via Cambridge
and the Center for Demonstration of Science. Ice and cold were hinderances, but the troops held up well.

The assault on Breed's Hill, while draining, was highly successful, and SCUL suffered no casualties in taking the
objective, unlike the wussy British.

Once Breed's Hill was taken, merriment ensued, and local civilians joined SCUL members in bodily motions and the
consumption of alcohol molecules.

At the stoke of 2400 hours, Skunk was forcibly busted down to the rank of maggot. Gossamer took this opportunity
to shed his uniform, and subsequently lost his regulation issued BVD-01s. The BVD-01s were later found and
returned to Gossamer.

The fleet stopped at Starbase 24 for fuel for the journey back to Fort Berkeley.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
DestinationBreed's Hill System
Light Years0
G-Well Activity0
Technical Rating0