Status: Success


Fresh Fodder For The Derbies

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crack Anger 123.043   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Dead By Dawn Lust 238.924   Lieutenant Commander
Drillbit Son of Brass Monkey 130.666   Aviator First Class
Flasher Beholder 296.974   Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Admiral Skunk Annihilation 458.793   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Gropo Pale Horse 105.455   Petty Officer First Class
Hera Sloth 73.6386   Chief Petty Officer
Lone Wulfe Ten Thousand Krowes 215.237   Senior Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth Vindicator 209.744   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Nails Envy 290.546   Commodore
Zeus Chopzilla 318.136   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator Dead By Dawn
Tailgunner Nails
Mission Debriefer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Reporter Fleet Admiral Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderFleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Size11 pilots
OriginFort Francis
Light Years13.4
G-Well Activity3.443
Technical Rating3.422