Status: Success


MegaSeth Day

In honor of Iron Cog MegaSeth (2002) we set out to do as many "non-MegaSeth-like" things as possible--not to spite the Great One, but to appease his will instead. These "non-MegaSeth-like" tasks included drinking mass quantities of Earth Beer, wearing our insignia, knowing what rank we were, winning derbies, piloting tall ships, removing our space suits, bragging about the ships we were going to build, telling Skunk what kind of ships he should build, listening to Waltor, and taking turns pretending to feel sorry for Skunk. (Each of us had a MegaSethDay checklist device, to gauge our progress and rank ourselves against the other piliots.) The fleet got off to a fairly organized start thanks in part to sympathetic feeling toward Skunk and numerous pilots' attempts to pretend to feel sorry for him. We proceeded quickly to Central System to rendezvous with Moose and made for the outskirts of the Porter System to Chez BarFly to celebrate the first thirty years of his existence and fraternize with food. (May he have many more tridecadial celebrations.) The first derby at Luna Market Basket was decided, somewhat anti-climatically, by an attack of quadropedal androids. Moose won the second derby by steamrolling USB Catastrophe in a spectacular display of Valor and Chutzpah. Then we returned to base where many pilots displayed themselves without their space suits. Happy MegaSeth Day
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher Summer 345.97   Master Chief Petty Officer
Crash Trez Bonz 107.119   Petty Officer Third Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 414.438   Lieutenant Commander
grendel Pig Champion 4720.35   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Inari Mad Rabbit 912.036   Captain
Lefty Lucy Circus Peanut 134.054   Petty Officer Third Class
LoJack Skylab 185.134   Petty Officer First Class
Maddog George Dilboy 62.803   Petty Officer Third Class
moose Loki Ducker 361.16   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Philo Ez Raider 95.3623   Aviator
Rotwang Delirium 180.726   Master Chief Petty Officer
Side Show Doh Hip To Elbow 375.389   Master Chief Petty Officer
Smasher Annihilation 206.161   Chief Petty Officer
Soda Pop Spooky Pirate 159.536   Aviator First Class
Vegetable Pestilence 208.198   Master Chief Petty Officer
WalTor Singularity 333.565   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot
Navigator Side Show Doh
Tailgunner WalTor
Tool Bag Inari
Medi Bag Vegetable
Filmer grendel

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
DestinationBarFly Party
Light Years10.43
G-Well Activity1.626
Technical Rating2.801