Status: Success


Bells Angels

Tonight we were told to look Tough, how'd we do? Launching to
old-school Yellow Alert, we went to Nosepicker and Ehawk's
housewarming party at Fort Madison. The scene was rife with pilots old
and new, and beer and food molecules were secured.

Leaving at a time calculated to regulate steering dampener intake, we
went at speed to the tracks near MIT. There Skunk knighted Parmesan,
a maggot of ridiculously long standing, and we had crisps made
entirely of space cheese. Then a short hop to Luna Student Center,
where Cloudbuster was suddenly sucked into the G-well of nearby planet
Earth. Shock! Consternation! After field repairs and damage
assessment it was deemed safe to finish the mission.

Continuing to Yellow Alert, which causes pilots to ricochet off each
other like molecules in Brownian motion, we oozed about the Boston
system practicing our tough. Food threw a lit cigarette, so maybe it
was working.

We went to the Allston System to flyby some of SCUL's old haunts, also
because it's Rock City and that's where Tough People hang out.
Perhaps. They didn't kick us out, anyway. As the cold of space began
to strike through our suits, we reverted to classic funk to hold
morale high.

Lastly we returned to base where ZyGoat won the Medal of Chic for her
badass Rosie The Riveter outfit, and babymaggot Epoxy was hazed into

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
bitwise Skylab 0  
DrClaw Trinity 927.569  
Epoxy Delirium 0   Pilot
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 656.186  
Kpafun Annihilation 559.254   Lieutenant Commander
Leotard Hippogriff 320.794  
metoikos Ez Raider 275.915  
parmesan Lust 207.081   Petty Officer Third Class
Stogie Wadlow 919.504  
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 469.971  
Treekiller chlorophyll 1491.44  
vomit Famine 807.996  
WildKat Devastation 0  
Wombat Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino 757.494  
ZyGoat Pestilence 405.948  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Leotard
Chalk Bag bitwise
Com-Sat 1 Threespeed
Damage Control DrClaw
Deck Officer metoikos
Flat Bag parmesan
Gate Attendant ZyGoat
Medi Bag WildKat
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
MRC Officer Treekiller
Navigator Wombat
Radiobox 1 Treekiller
Sticker Bag Wombat
Still Cam Stogie
Tailgunner Treekiller
Tool Bag Kpafun
Wookiee Bag Wombat

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
Light Years22.724
G-Well Activity4.18
Technical Rating2.34