Take something cool, throw it into space, make
it somewhat cranky, and maybe sometimes a little
drunk, and there you have Nameless. Ever
space-ready, he has an affinity for things metal
and machiney, meat, and things that don't suck.
Nameless is also a huge fan of turbo pickles...
MAN turbo pickles.

He might help you build things, or he might
kick you. It's hard to say. You may be able to
placate him with a beer, but no guarantees. If
that doesn't work, then just toss href="">Nosepicker
at him. Moose is HARV compliant, and has an
extra wrinkly brain.

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date030628
HostFleet Admiral Skunk
Knighted ByRotwang
Light Years1474.3

Task Force Record

Beer Wrangler1
Medi Bag2.5
MRC Officer1
Tool Bag13


Hi-Fives/Waves Back619
Derby Win3
Fort Maintenance32.83
MRC Basic45.5
Misc Bonus7353

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
120721 MAD Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Civilian Ship
081101 MAD Hallowheels 2008 Yer Mom
081025 MAD Radiation Schmadiation Yer Mom
080920 MAD Don't Tell Mom II - Electric Boogaloo Pride
080913 MAD Mony Mony (ride ChromePony) Chrome Pony
080816 MAD Friendly Fire D.B. Cooper
080809 MAD SCULimpics G.I. Jane
080802 MAD Lost Boys D.B. Cooper
080719 MAD So Hot My Mission Name Melted Yer Mom
080621 MAD Submersive Choppah Underwater League Annihilation
080614 MAD Kick It Like Vomit Water
080607 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Vertigo
080531 MAD Starship Safari Summer
080524 MAD Space Truckin' Vertigo
080510 MAD Mixtape Annihilation
080426 MAD Merit Badge Slag
080419 MAD Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Vertigo
080412 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Vertigo
080405 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Vertigo
060819 MAD NoWay Day Adventure Annihilation
060812 MAD eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Mmh (tap) Mmh (tap)
060806 MAD Design Skwad Vertigo
060805 MAD Swing Set (Diva Day) Vertigo
060701 MAD First of July Pride
060624 MAD June Oh Ween PleasantBuzz
060610 MAD Rumble In Somerville Civilian Ship
060520 MAD Crack Day Of Awesome Catastrophe
060506 MAD Alphamission 06 Vertigo
051022 MAD Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Catastrophe
051008 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
050924 MAD Isla Castilia Schadenfreude
050731 MAD Nameless Day 05 Vertigo
050716 MAD Post SCULimpics Vertigo
050625 MAD LowKey Vertigo
050611 MAD Hot and Moist Slag
050521 MAD No Plan Slag
050423 MAD Radiation Overload Annihilation
050416 MAD Mega Seth a liscous Slag
050409 MAD Beta Missssion 05 Annihilation
050402 MAD Aplamission 05 Defamation
041030 MAD Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Vertigo
041023 MAD Recurse The 'Verse Slag
041016 MAD Jump Start Slag
041009 MAD Skunk Day 04 Slag
040925 MAD Axis of Elvis Slag
040921 MAD Centvrion LoveII Centvrion
040918 MAD Broken Pickle Catastrophe
040905 MAD Southern Exposure (Century 04) Slag
040828 MAD Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Vertigo
040821 MAD Wet and Wild Catastrophe
040807 MAD Booty Camp Slag
040724 MAD Naked Keg Party Catastrophe
040710 MAD Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Slag
040703 MAD Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Vertigo
040626 MAD FireFlies Vertigo
040619 MAD I Dunno (vomit day) Slag
040612 MAD Studio 53 Vertigo
040605 MAD SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) Abandon All Hope
040529 MAD Wherever The Wind Blows Vertigo
040508 MAD Derby Durby Derbie Annihilation
040430 MAD Centvrion of Love Vertigo
040424 MAD Oppo Oppo Vertigo
040417 MAD Stop N Chop Summer
040410 MAD Beta Ride Vertigo
040403 MAD Alphamission 04 Slag
031101 MAD Hallowheels 03 One Night Stand
031025 MAD As Seen On TV G.I. Jane
031018 MAD Tour De Ville MoxieMoron
031011 MAD Pump Up The Volume Will Stutley
031004 MAD Skunk Day 03 Curb Burner
030920 MAD Arbor Mayhem Compliance
030913 MAD Port Foint Summer
030906 MAD Breaking Headlines Bonnie & Clyde
030830 MAD Century 03 Holy Molar
030823 MAD Don't Tell Mom Catastrophe
030816 MAD NoWay Day A-OK Water
030809 MAD Large Melon Bad Motivator
030802 MAD Storm The Castle Skylab
030726 MAD Two Miles Per Hour Ez Raider
030719 MAD Inmates Run The Asylum VWBeetle
030712 MAD Happy Fun Times Bike Club Pale Horse
030705 MAD Waltor Day 2003 Greed
030628 MAD Take The Plunge Trez Bonz
Iron Cog