Status: Success


Megaseth Day

Like, super-ultra-mega posi dude. 80's ride. Fer sure. We like cranked out the Footloose and like did the roger rabbit and running man to some 80's hits in each of the constellations. Totally awesome ride, dude. All night long.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AWOL Curb Burner 335.929   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Bird Rhinoceros 716.872   Captain
Blipblipbeep Lust 548.824   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Blockhead Buri Bukh Annihilation 386.442   Petty Officer Second Class
Cabbage Famine 251.011   Petty Officer Third Class
Captain Underpants Trez Bonz 238.361  
Collard Greens War 433.045   Petty Officer First Class
Eureka Doctor Love 295.227   Lieutenant Commander
Evil Twin Spooky Pirate 273.633   Commodore
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 418.337  
GRIMLOCKE PlateOShrimp 170.318   Chief Petty Officer
Horny Ooh La La 360.216   Petty Officer Second Class
Itch Civilian Ship 667.299   Lieutenant Commander
Kaibosch Abandon All Hope 449.362   Captain
Karate Swamp Thing 328.217   Petty Officer Second Class
Kinky Greed 513.095   Master Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth Bad Motivator 181.337   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
moose Loki Ducker 669.196   Admiral, Fleet Ready
Natas Cynthia Wagner 436.093   Commander
Nosepicker Jumbo Shrimp 372.688  
NotReady Darkendank 159.556   Aviator First Class
Onath Skylab 493.862  
Oppo Sloth 293.53  
PainBunny Pale Horse 769.378   Captain
pecan Sugardaddy 791.259   Captain
Pengo Compliance 328.258   Captain
Phooka Summer 760.835   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
PinkHoota Anger 207.821   Petty Officer Third Class
Roja Grande Holy Molar 366.52   Petty Officer Second Class
Samurai George Dilboy 441.633  
Schemey SCULiosis 436.495   Commodore
Sparky D.B. Cooper 848.211   Master Chief Petty Officer
Spooky Delirium 1086.35  
Spots EvilSchwinn 919.085   Master Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Schadenfreude 1140.74  
Treehugger Sequioa 690.99   Captain
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Fleet Admiral Skunk
Filmer PainBunny
Mission Leader MegaSeth
Mission Reporter MegaSeth
Navigator Spooky
Radiobox 1 Fleet Admiral Skunk
Radiobox 2 MegaSeth
Tailgunner PainBunny
Tool Bag Spooky

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
DestinationThe 80's
Light Years17.527
G-Well Activity1.935
Technical Rating2.31