Status: Failure


Catostrophic Failure

We decided to head to the railroad tracks in the Alewife deep space sector. It was a fun ride there, MadDog navigating us through deep space in the darkness.

Upon arrival we gathered around in a circle and each answered the question "What's the worst thing that ever happened to you on a bike". The answers were very funny. Everyone had a story to tell. From there we set course for derby in the Belmont System at Luna WhiteHenPantry. Unfortunately GWB LokiDucker's saddle mast failed upon reentry into normal space, and we wound up stopping for repairs. Her pilot, Captain Moose, was forced to ride sans saddle for the remainder of the mission. We derbied in the lot next to what once was Luna MerlinMetalworks, a former employer of Skunk, where many SCUL ships were born. USB Catastrophe won the derby, and we set a course for refueling before returning to base.

Skunk's ship started "acting funny". It felt like a primary thruster failure, but in flight diagnostics showed nothing in the damage report (civi translation: Skunk thought he had a flat rear tire, but it looked fine from where he was sitting). Then the true nature of the problem presented itself in a more dramatic manner.

After 3300 light years of service, the head tube of Catastrophe completely separated from the rest of the hull. This forced an emergency landing. The ship lay in two pieces, the RadioBox still playing "ain't no stopping us now". Moose finished the mission aboard USB AbandonAllHope. Skunk and Vomit were left marooned while the rest of the fleet promptly returned to base to attain transport for the mighty wreckage of Catastrophe and LokiDucker and their crew.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Diva WhiteTrash 171.691  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 312.544   Vice Admiral
grendel Devastation 84.3206  
Gut Rod Circus Peanut 127.828   Petty Officer First Class
Maddog George Dilboy 195.06   Lieutenant Junior Grade
MoneyShot Delirium 148.799  
moose Loki Ducker 178.441   Ensign
PigPen Ez Raider 59.9583  
PitStink Annihilation 231.5   Petty Officer Third Class
Smasher Pestilence 103.298   Aviator First Class
Umlaut El Cyclone 109.993   Aviator First Class
ViciousSquirrel Rabies 203.418   Lieutenant Junior Grade
vomit Abandon All Hope 259.845   Captain
WalTor Singularity 320.424  
Task Force Pilot
Navigator Maddog
Tailgunner WalTor

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
DestinationAbandoned Railway
Light Years12.1
G-Well Activity1.809
Technical Rating3.887