THO Rating

03.2: THO Rating

Each ship has been given a THO rating, which stands for thrust, handling and overall difficulty. The builder is responsible for determining the THO rating for their ship. Any pilot may request a THO re-evaluation of any ship's THO rating. The Fleet Admiral and the Builder work together to determine a fair THO rating. The rating is based off a pilot of average height, mass, and abilities. Of course you could just take one for a test flight and see if you like it.

03.2.1: Thrust Rating

This indicates how hard the ship is to pedal. Zero is impossibly sluggish, ten is a spry cheetah.

03.2.2: Handling Rating

This indicates how hard the ship is to handle. Zero is as twitchy as a fighter jet, ten is an overworked mule.

03.2.3: Overall Difficulty

This is the general difficulty of the ship. Zero is easy, ten is difficult.