Stardate: 191109
Destination: Love & Appreciation
The amount of warm/fuzzies from 2019 Chariot RacesLife Day was SO OVERWHELMING it almost made up for the lack of kelvins. My fingers have only just thawed enough to document the event! 23 brave pilots, prepared with stellar spacesuits, insulating...

Status: Success
Light Years: 9.04

Iron Cog: 1
Bronze Cog: 1
Stone Cog: 4
Builder: 1
Strength: 2
Stardate: 191221
Destination: Clasky Common Constellation
Up, up, and away! Cosmic Winter approaches! So, the Starchasers decided to suit up in our ugliest space-suit sweaters, ready our spaceships with the tackiest decorations, and set out on an adventure to explore holiday lights and bring cold weather...

Status: Success
Light Years: 4.6


Star File:

Third stop - Mad Owl's tiny garden outside the Luna Buttonwood Park Zoo

Season Stats:

Missions: 0
Pilots: 26
Knightings: 0
Recruits: 0
Ships: 40
Builder: 1
Sans-a-Spacesuit: 1
Chic: 1
Hi-Five: 474
Cup: 151

Sci-Fi Fueled
Bicycle Chopper Gang

We make spaceships out of bicycles.

SCUL is an anti-elite band of highly trained starpilots, building and testing the limits of our experimental and augmented ships on late Saturnight missions, exploring the greater Boston and New Bedford systems and beyond. We are a highly organized battalion of funk.

We have been engaging in classified and declassified patrol missions since your Earth Year 1996. It’s tons of hard work, and danger is everywhere. Our fighter cockpits are hard, and our ships require lots of extra thrust and coordination than your stock-civilian vessels. But it’s sooooo much fun!

Be a Superhero Version of Yourself

Our Mission

  • To design, create, maintain, use and abuse organically-powered starships
  • To thoroughly enjoy the perils of space travel
  • To foster and nurture creativity and personal freedom with the camaraderie of our fellow pilots

Contact Protocol

What to do if you see SCUL in your local reality bubble:

  • If we are in friendly space, prepare for a hi-five.
  • If we are in hostile space, clear the sky and let us do our job, it’s harder than it looks.
  • If we land on your planet, establish communication.

Hailing Frequencies Open

Send us a Subspace Xmission.

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