Status: Failure


Naked Keg Party

Nosepicker Reports:
we went to chelsea. the roads sucked, we ate bagels, ehhhhhhhh. it poured, it sucked, we went to crispy cream, ehhhhhhhhhh. path leading there not best route, not harv compliant. lost pigpen, went home.

Snarly Reports:
the subtext here is that the less said about Saturday, the better. except for the bagels, that is.
my take on it:

The fleet, including three maggots (one of whom gave birth to a Giraffe some time ago), shoved off for the Chelsea Galaxy to seek toroidal refreshment. We experienced a mechanical in the Davis Constellation, luckily near a playground, and remained there until Threespeed had fetched repair materials from his fort. After pedaling through miles of crater-ridden wasteland, the fleet descended upon a bagel shop and feasted mightily. Just in time for our departure, heavy radiation began to pelt us from above. A cold and wet fleet navigated through ever more inhospitable terrain to Luna Krispy Kreme in the Medford Galaxy. More toroids were consumed and a mechanical failure in Mjollnir's primary thruster was repaired. The fleet lost PigPen, and after a failed retrieval mission by several scouts, we pedaled home soggy and defeated.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Biker Mom Mjollnir 232.83   Petty Officer Third Class
Blipblipbeep Swamp Thing 170.234  
Boner Spooky Pirate 157.682   Aviator First Class
Brewer Annihilation 255.481   Petty Officer Third Class
Giraffe Bonnie & Clyde 210.8   Petty Officer Third Class
Hothead Trez Bonz 119.382   Aviator First Class
Nameless Catastrophe 449.665  
Nosepicker G.I. Jane 175.632  
PigPen Saint Christopher 411.725  
RoadRash War 555.634  
Rotwang Skylab 197.513  
snarly Abandon All Hope 582.402   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Tarantula Ez Raider 51.3779  
Threespeed DexionDestroyer 603.095  
Trogdor Delirium 255.052   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Taskforce Pilot
Navigator Threespeed
Tailgunner PigPen

Mission Parameters

Mission Size15 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationChelsea Bagels
Light Years10
G-Well Activity2.01
Technical Rating3.666