Status: Success


Film Noir

This mission was twofold. The first sortie was
to go to Cory's Pedal-In Film Fest, a drive in
for bikes about bikes. Several movies were
shown. Unfortunately, Skunk was working in
vain to get SCUL's movie, "The Only Way To Fly
- Logan Airport By Bicycle", and completely
missed the event. The other pilots enjoyed a
film by Cory and others. A highlight was a
documentary on SCAB, from Wisconsin. While
there, we met Chef and Prozac, who would
accompany us on their wacked-out choppers.

The second sortie was a late one, we went to a
CD release party by some MIT students
MonkeyBomb knows. They were very friendly and
had a beautiful and expansive dwelling. Their
cheese, in particular, was excellent. From
there we derbied a few times and went home.
Visiting from the faraway Galaxy of TX was
Prozac, via TheChef, who brought his own very
decorative HARVs. Prozac, TheChef and the last
maggot known as MRI were very skilled in
Derby. TheChef won the first derby with his
own patented manuveur and Prozac won the
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bug Spooky Pirate 141.989   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 206.504  
LoJack Annihilation 181.764   Commander
Maddog George Dilboy 58.3317  
MoneyShot Delirium 118.556  
Monkey Bomb Jumbo Shrimp 146.888   Ensign
Monkeyboy Swamp Thing 131.086   Lieutenant Commander
moose Trez Bonz 88.6665   Senior Chief Petty Officer
MRI Skylab 169.357   Aviator First Class
Mucus Gorm Claiomh 175.313   Master Chief Petty Officer
NoWay Abandon All Hope 201.892   Commodore
Prozac Napolean 198.752   Aviator First Class
Sister Devastation 66.8785  
Sparky Will Stutley 153.302   Lieutenant Junior Grade
The Chef Flower Chicken 185.662   Aviator First Class
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size15 pilots
OriginFort Berkley
Light Years9.68
G-Well Activity1.901
Technical Rating2.221