Status: Failure



We toughed it out. We are definitely built tougher than the Boston
system, and busted the electro-funk the whole way through.

With a quick shore-leave to a training facility en route, we made our
way to the JP system in search of steam, flickering and flashing our way
through deep space with DeathTrap as assistant Navi. STs abounded, but
spirits prevailed. Buckminister totally pwnzrd the zeitgeist of TRON,
Axeman lead a skateboarder into a deathtrap, and Kpafun blared on a
sweet-ass vuvuzela.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Axeman Swayze Express 587.775   Commander
Buckminister Immaculate Taco 1251.65   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
DeathTrap Noname Special 0   Pilot
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 581.575  
Keebler Ooh La La 0  
Kpafun Rambostiltskin 217.775  
Leotard Lazarus 11.6773  
ltrain Doctor Love 0  
Plasmonster Annihilation 732.011   Commander
Q Delirium 228.088  
Self Destruct Ez Raider 693.682   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 1296.18   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Treekiller Lust 398.128   Vice Admiral
Veal Pale Horse 555.408   Master Chief Petty Officer
Yarko Darkendank 354.483   Petty Officer Second Class
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Deck Officer Axeman
Gate Attendant ltrain
MRC Officer Threespeed
Navigator Plasmonster
Tailgunner Veal
Com-Sat 1 Self Destruct
Tool Bag Keebler
Flat Bag Veal
Medi Bag DeathTrap
Wookiee Bag Self Destruct
Sticker Bag Axeman
Chalk Bag Axeman
Still Cam Plasmonster
Airlock Treekiller
Life Support 1 Leotard
Damage Control Leotard
Mission Reporter Plasmonster
Beer Mule Threespeed
Beer Wrangler ltrain
Filmer Self Destruct
Sentry Yarko
Skynet Operator Pre Axeman
Stillcam Downloader Self Destruct

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderFleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Size15 pilots
OriginFort Bartlett
DestinationCyberspace Hell
Light Years18.812
G-Well Activity3.733
Technical Rating2.198