Status: Success


Aplhamission 21

Pre-Mission Activities:

Hanger A, having undergone a complete overhaul thanks to many chopper pilots' sweat, now sports new berthing
spaces for ships, an improved tool-storage system, and an ergonomically designed layout. It still does not have
the dry-dock space to accomidate some of the newer ships, such as the BRC Suicide Machine, which remained at its
moorings for the mission with a mechanical.

BRC Suicide

SCUL had three new additions to the fleet personnel, who, following the mission were designated Hubcap, LoJack
and MonkeyBoy (not to be confused with MonkeyBomb).

Rockstar manufactured flags, which greatly aided SCUL navigation techniques.

The Mission:

Following two christenings and one bris, SCUL got underway. The first order of business was delivering some
matzah-ball molecules to Megatron who was incapacitated with a space virus. While some pilots spacewalked off
their ships to visit Megatron and KillerBee, the rest guarded the fleet and consumed chocolate-covered matzah

The fleet was found to be in general state of disrepair after the long months in dry-dock, with three mechanicals
before the night's derby. Especially prone to mechanical failure was the UAS Snafu, courageously piloted by

UAS Snafu

The fleet proceeded to the Harvard System, where our presence was heartily received. After a slight mechanical,
the mission proceeded through the Central System, also to great approval. Many high fives were received.

Near the Kendall system, the fleet stopped for a break and some fun circling the globe. NoWay experimented
piloting USB SkyLab, with a questionable degree of success.

NoWay pilots SkyLab

Presently, the fleet moved over to a somewhat sandy parking lot for the first official dogfight derby of the

Sparky derbying aboard SKP Will Stutley

Skunk won the first round of dogfight derby, followed by an upset where MonkeyBomb garnered his first derby
victory. MonkeyBoy and Maddog won style points for spectacular wipe-outs.

Maddog, before the wipeout

Following derby, the fleet, tired, hungry and increasingly sick, headed back to base with a quick stop at Luna
DunkinDonuts for fuel.

Waltor, taking a break
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead By Dawn Durty Basturd 230.149   Petty Officer Third Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 284.02   Petty Officer Third Class
Gropo Devastation 91.4457   Aviator
Hera Rusty 105.552   Aviator First Class
Hubcap Colostomos 81.8236   Aviator
Jenerator Chrome Pony (Bombardier) 193.359   Aviator First Class
Katzug Spooky Pirate 197.182   Aviator First Class
LoJack Ez Raider 64.2621   Aviator
Maddog George Dilboy 80.2198   Aviator
MoneyShot Silence 59.6704   Aviator
Monkey Bomb Sloth 70.7104   Aviator
Monkeyboy Pride 205.27   Petty Officer Third Class
Mucus Gorm Claiomh 245.249   Petty Officer Third Class
Natty Gann Greed 207.193   Petty Officer Third Class
NoWay Annihilation 250.744   Petty Officer Third Class
RockStar Lust 99.8359   Aviator
Sarge Snafu 248.461   Petty Officer Third Class
Smash Tragedy 86.4181   Aviator
Sparky Will Stutley 209.209   Petty Officer Third Class
Sprout Chrome Pony 200.436   Petty Officer Third Class
vomit Famine 117.78   Aviator First Class
WalTor Singularity 214.144   Petty Officer Third Class
Zeus Skylab 237.425   Petty Officer Third Class
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
DestinationCambridge System
Light Years13.48
G-Well Activity1.873
Technical Rating3.412