Status: Success


Century Meets U-hell

Mission Objectives

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Complete 100 light years without burning up on reentry
Avoid getting hit by UHaul transports

Mission Summary

The fleet managed to combine two of the dreaded traditions in one mission: century and night of the living Uhauls. Launch was at 11:30. Eight pilots started the century. Only six managed to complete it: MegaSeth, Skunk, Vomit, NoWay, WalTor and Gropo. Diva navigated the initial legs and NoWay finished up. The fleet started by heading to the far away systems of Bedford, Concord, and Lexington heading down the minuteman, stopping at Fort Crescent and then continuing on to the battle road. One mechanical was encountered when Delirium burst its inner plasma casing, causing destruction of the outer thruster casing. Repairs were made and we continued only to find that the primary thruster was still not behaving properly. The fleet returned to Fort Crescent to swap thrusters and then headed back on Starpath Mass Ave to Fort Summer. Diva decided to bail the mission and stay on call for transport needs. The rest of the fleet continued on to the USS Constitution and Arboretum passing through Jamaica Pain and Brookline Systems and returned to the fort for fuel at mile 65. RevD needed to bail as he could only join in for the day hours. But Bushido showed up and decided he would join the fleet on BRC Summer; however, he quickly burnt up on re-entry. The fleet then headed on across the longfellow to the Dorchester System. The fleet followed the shore path to castle island and continued along the wharfs to the big fat line. From there NoWay navigated the battalion through the alleyways of Boston and finally back to the fort. Diva joined the fleet for the last leg, which passed by the old fort. All told it took 15 hours and 45 minutes.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Gropo Delirium 1183.4   Commodore
MegaSeth Palantir 447.156   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
NoWay Annihilation 3378.7  
Skunk Catastrophe 2367.9  
vomit Jan Brady 712.824   Admiral
WalTor Singularity 3376.9  
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Navigator NoWay
Tailgunner WalTor
Tool Bag Gropo
Life Support 1 Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 6 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Destinationthe fort 100 miles later
Light Years100
G-Well Activity2.5
Technical Rating2.9