Perilous christens his first ship, LNO Fall

Wings of the SCUL Fleet

When a SCUL pilot christens their first ship, they must choose a a prefix to all the ships they build henceforth. The christening ritual can vary, but typically the builder presents their ship at the launch pad, says a few words about how it was build, thanks those who helped in the process, then pours their preferred liquid over the ship. Pilot usually yell "ON THE SEAT!", but the builder has the option to ignore the request. Once the builder completes their first successful mission on their new ship, they receive a builder medal.

Abbr. Wing Name
42W 42W
666 666
9W Herr Wagner, do you spell your name with a V?
ACE Apres'Vie Courier Extraordinaire
ACW Aerospace Control and Warning
ADD Alternate Dimension Designs
AIL Art Invasion Lithuania
ALL Alisia Lord Louis
AMP Applied Mechanical Psychosis
ARC Abstract Revolver Consortium
ARP Agglomerated Recycled Parts
ASS Asteroidal Space Saucers
BEE Bituminous Earth Echelon
BFH Big Friendly Hammer
BIG Bad In Gravity
BOL Bikes of Love
BRC Biokenetic Road Cruisers
BSD Bicycles of Social Disobedience
BVD Badass Vessels of Doom
CAS Collision Attraction System
CCT Cycles of Convoluted Topology
CFT Cheese Factor Ten
CIL Cuts in Line
CMD Catch My Drift
DBD Dead By Dawn
DDT Deadly Dangerous Toys
DKY Don't Know Yet
DMC Dirty Monkey Choppers
DMG Drink More Grog
DPW Department of Precarious Wheels
DPX Dont Point X
DRB Dinosaur Robot Battalion
EIT Enigmatic Injury Trainers
EMP Enchanted Mucus Power
ETA Eight Terrifying Arms
FBJ Frankenbike Jones
FET Freakin' Eclectic Transport
FMS Finest Mongol Steed
FOU Femme Offense Unit
FPS Fast Pedaling Spacecraft
FTL Faster Than Lightspeed
FUR Furry Unbelievable Rides
GAC Guess and Check
GAK Grand Architect of Kaos
GFN Good For Nothing
GNT Guaranteed Nasty Telemetry
GOW Gods Of War
GSR Guaranteed Sexy Results
GWB Gas Welded Bastards
HHD Handsome Highwheels of Doom
HMB Hold My Beer
HMC Heavy Metal Csquadron
HMS Humble Magic Stead
HOP House of Pain
IBS Irrationally Built Ship
ICI I'll Carry It
IDE I Don t Even
IFP I feel pretty
IFP Intergalactic Flying Pigeons
IGT I'll Get There
IPA Ill Public Access
ISC Intergalactic Space Craft
JVH Jewish Vehicular Homicide
KIL Kryptonic Irrational Lollypooters
KWH Kinetic Wired Hackjobs
LAB Lost Alien Biologicals
LDS Lucky Ducky Systems
LFG LFG Gnomeregan
LLP Lochness Loser Pig
LNO Leaping No Onclusions
MA Machines Achales
MEW Meticulously Engineered Whimsy
MFA My Fat Ass
MFB Moxie Fueled Bombs
MID My Inane Destiny
MMC Midnight Marauding Choppers
MOD Made on Drugs
MRG Mine Rightful Granery
MRS Midnite Romero Society
MRW Mad Rabbit Wing
MSG Many Sore Glutes
MXX Missing Xtra Xtremities
NAS Nosepicker AND Stogie
NBS Nasty Breaking Ships
NBT north beacon truemetal
NCP Nihilist Choppers for Peace
NPC Non-Positive Curvature
NSC Non-stop Cabaret
NTY Naty TybursczY
NUT Nuthin' but Urban Tumbleweeds
OCD Ovulating Cycles of Doom
OMG Omega Marsupial Godheads
OOF Opinionated Oofnik Fabricators
OPP Outer Province Patrol
PCP Petes Crappy Parts
PDP Peripatetic Donut Pursuer
PIG Perpetual Interstellar Grooves
POS Pinnacle Of Sin
PST Please Stay Together
PTC Pennsylvvannia Traffic Company
PVC Pascal's Vengeful Cadre
PWN Pedal While Nervous
RAT Refuse And Trash
RAW Rabid Animal
RBU Rogue Bicycle Unit
SAF Sanguine Addiction Front
SAW Suburban Assault Wheels
SAX Subtle Accessories of Excess
SCB Shopping Cart Bikes
SDV Super Dimensional Vehicle
SFN SCUL Freshwater Navy
SKP Sparky's Kinephiliac Patrol
SMM Space Monkey Machines
SOL ship outta luck
SOS Sewer Official Ship
SPD Schwinn Peaks Division
SPS Space Pirate Ship
SUV Statistically Unlikely Vehicles
TBD Twisted Bikes of Death
TIF Totally Insane Fighters
TLD Top Level Domain
TTL Tandem Terror League
TWC Trash Wagons of Chelsea
TWF Two Wheeled Equines
U01 Unimatrix 01
UAS Ugly As Sin
USB Universal Service Battalion
UST Unstable Tricycle
UTA Unstable Transport Anomaly
UTM Universal Touring Machines
VAX Vanguard Axiom of Xenophobia
VFD Vicious Fanciful Devices
VID Various Incendiary Devices
VID Various Incendiary Devices
VJJ Va Jay Jay
VMS Vaginal Massage Systems
VPL Visible Panty Line
WIZ Whimsical Instriments of Zen
XEM Xylene Enabled Manufacture
XER Xenographic Endorphin Regulators
XFD Xcessive Fungineering Division
YUM yesterdays unimaginative machines
ZCV Zero Calculated Vulnerabilities
ZZZ Virtual Wing