Status: Success


Last Dance

Tonight marked the last normal mission for the 2002 season. Closing ceremonies commenced at 21:00 hours to honor this years stone cog and iron cog recipients. Two ships were also christened this evening: PAS Snoop--a ship covered in red paint (chain, rear thruster, and all) and SideShowDoh's second build HipToElbow. Previously noted radiation abated gratiously. Skunk managed to pass out awards to the appropriate parties without his occular glands desalinating, then he was in turn surprised by an overdue Iron cog for the 1996 season, and then his face collapsed in on itself in a heart rending display of gratitude. The fleet, in a fit of end of season high spirits, proceeded through the davis, harvard and central constellations. Enthusiasm could not be contained and five derbys were held back to back in spitting distance to the memorial drive asteroid belt. Sky lab was once again in dager of falling into the ocean outside of Austrailia but was saved by skunk standing on the tacoed primary thruster. We joyously bopped our way back to the fort through the central and union constellations only to be rewarded with a string of triumphant high fives from a bee, a dear, a vampire, a doctor and the pope. All in all a fine season.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher MoxieMoron 290.878   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Bushido Summer 286.012  
Dr HeadCrash Ez Raider 224.254   Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 1041.74  
Flipper Anger 191.502   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Glyptodont War 146.671  
grendel Devastation 383.334   Admiral
LoJack Pale Horse 441.448   Commodore
Maddog Sloth 261.635   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
MoneyShot Delirium 346.692   Admiral
Monkeyboy Mjollnir 208.417   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
moose Trez Bonz 701.831  
NoWay Spooky Pirate 1043.58  
Rotwang Annihilation 578.361   Lieutenant Commander
Scarecrow Tallpox 261.323  
Shock Wave Dave Snoop 402.342   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Side Show Doh HipToElbow 402.348   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Snaggletooth Pestilence 161.351   Master Chief Petty Officer
Turtle Ooh La La 182.441  
Vegetable Skylab 304.613  
Task Force Pilot
Filmer Rotwang
Medi Bag Vegetable
Navigator MoneyShot
Tailgunner Rotwang
Tool Bag NoWay

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
Destinationa trail of tears
Light Years12.38
G-Well Activity1.599
Technical Rating2.115