Status: Success


Good Buy Money

This was a day mission to the LarzAnderson show. Vomit and Skunk entered their ship StarHustler in the custom bike contest and won! The pilots then took part in eyeing banana seats, fold-a-bikes and the like and returned to fort with empty pockets.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead By Dawn HiLo 108.96   Lieutenant Commander
Diva Transport 60.0032   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Drillbit Transport 60.0032   Aviator First Class
Flasher Transport 60.0032  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Star Hustler 178.602  
Fuse NoEyes 160.316   Aviator First Class
MegaTron Pale Horse 133.655   Petty Officer Second Class
Natty Gann Miss Teen USA 65.5445   Chief Petty Officer
NoWay Catastrophe 389.109   Captain
Shady Singularity 291.475   Master Chief Petty Officer
Smash Annihilation 342.589   Lieutenant Commander
vomit Star Hustler 178.602   Lieutenant Commander
WalTor Transport 60.0032  
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
DestinationLarz Anderson Bicycle Show
Light Years19.03
G-Well Activity4.012
Technical Rating1.988