Point System

SCUL's ranking system is based on riding experience from missions. Every January 1st all personnel become recruits again, in order to keep the higher ranks from resting on their laurels.

    The Following Formuala is applied for each pilot for each mission:

E = (Ly x Or x 2)+((10 - Hr) x Te)+((10 - Tr) x Gw)+B

    E = Expierience Awarded.
    Ly = Light Years.
    The actual distance traveled in the mission.
    Or = Overall Difficulty Rating.
    This is the general difficulty of the ship. Zero is easy, 10 is difficult.
    Hr = Ship's Handling Rating.
    This indicates how hard the ship is to handle. 0 is poor, 5 is easy.
    Te = Mission's Technical Rating.
    0 is easy manuevering, 5 is near impossible maneuverung.
    Tr = Ship's Thrust rating.
    This indicates how hard the ship is to thrust. 0 is poor, 5 is easy.
    Gw = Mission's G-Well Activity.
    0 is no G-Well activity, 5 is Maximum G-Well activity.
    B = Bonuses Points.
    Bonuses are awarded for helping out to repair ships, running over cups, giving "hi-fives" to strangers, getting naked, carrying tools, etc.
    When the pilot has accumulated enough experience, the pilot moves ahead in rank. Demotion is given only if a pilot breaks USBF law and is subject to punishment at USBF discretion.