Evil Twin

Evil Twin has many talents. He can eat a whole
ice cream cone in one bite! He's also very adept
at burning marshmallows

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date030718
Knighted ByPigPen
Light Years831.04

Task Force Record

Medi Bag0.5
Minister of Zoobs1
Radio Wrangler1
Tool Bag90


Hi-Fives/Waves Back168
Derby Win1
Fort Maintenance5
Misc Bonus511

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
131102 MAD Omegamission 2013 Annihilation
120407 MAD Cranktabulous Alphamission! Largactyl
081025 MAD Radiation Schmadiation Mjollnir
081011 MAD Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk Spooky Pirate
080816 MAD Friendly Fire Annihilation
080802 MAD Lost Boys Spooky Pirate
080726 MAD It's Hard to Be a Princess War
080712 MAD Balls in Spaaaaaaace Spooky Pirate
080607 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Delirium
080517 MAD Bicycle Boogie Spooky Pirate
080419 MAD Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Delirium
071027 MAD Omegamission Sweetcheeks
071013 MAD This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! Spooky Pirate
070929 MAD Walking the Party Line Delirium
070811 MAD Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] Curb Burner
070407 MAD ALPHA 007 Delirium
061021 MAD Whistle While You Twerk Delirium
060819 MAD NoWay Day Adventure Spooky Pirate
060812 MAD eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Annihilation
060722 MAD Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Trez Bonz
060624 MAD June Oh Ween Delirium
060520 MAD Crack Day Of Awesome Annihilation
060506 MAD Alphamission 06 Largactyl
051030 MAD Hallowheels05 Sweetcheeks
051022 MAD Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Sweetcheeks
051015 MAD Radiation Scattering Delirium
051008 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
051001 MAD OctoberTest Annihilation
050924 MAD Isla Castilia Sweetcheeks
050917 MAD Rain Rain Go Away Trez Bonz
050910 MAD Moose Day Celebrated Delirium
050826 MAD Operation Super Posi Delirium
050820 MAD Egg Toss Delirium
050813 MAD No NoWay Day Mjollnir
050730 MAD NamelessDay: Local Defense System Annihilation
050723 MAD Megaseth Day Spooky Pirate
050702 MAD WalTor Day (2005) Sweetcheeks
050625 MAD LowKey Sweetcheeks
050618 MAD DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Sweetcheeks
050604 MAD SCUL Day 2005 Star Hustler
050528 MAD Full Metal Jackets (R0twang Day) Sweetcheeks
050521 MAD No Plan Delirium
050514 MAD Stoodio53 G.I. Jane
050430 MAD Nothing But Strong Cynthia Wagner
050423 MAD Radiation Overload Sleipnir
050402 MAD Aplamission 05 Sweetcheeks
040424 MAD Oppo Oppo Trez Bonz
040417 MAD Stop N Chop Ez Raider
030927 MAD SCULimpics 2003 Ez Raider
030823 MAD Don't Tell Mom Holy Molar
030816 MAD NoWay Day A-OK Pig Champion
030809 MAD Large Melon Devastation
030802 MAD Storm The Castle Devastation
030726 MAD Two Miles Per Hour Trez Bonz
Stone Cog