Status: Failure


NoWay Day 2002

Today marked a SCUL holiday: NoWay Day. Many pilots arrived after sign-in and had to ride without points including DBD and SuperBob Three maggots turned out for the mission: Mung, FlatBastard, and ToeClip. The fleet headed through the Kendel constellation to have some ice cream molecules from Luna Tosconini. The fleet then headed in search of a derby arena. We first arrived at a parking lot that was entirely dirt and gravel. Although it did not prove to be a useful derby arena pilots enjoyed the skidding opportunities. We then arrived at a basketball court for derby. However, lacking ribbon we chilled and grooved until some proper TP could be acquired. Skunk won both derbies which involved a pretty dramatic takedown of Pikachu. The fleet then headed through an artificial radiation spray for cool down. Afterwards hifives ensued as we passed thru the HarvardConstellation. Making a second round of high fives a rather uproarious bang was heard. RevD burst his inner plasma casing and had a failure of the outer thruster casing. An attempt was made to bandage the ship, but a few hundred feet up the road, plasma burst once more. The ship had to be abandoned and MaggotToeClip willingly stayed behind with the ship while we headed back to the fort for transport.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bug Ez Raider 62.3152   Chief Petty Officer
Danger Mouse Energy 243.974  
Diva Incineraider 1343.96  
Flat Bastard Sloth 137.099   Aviator First Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 856.305  
LoJack Annihilation 244.632   Captain
Maddog George Dilboy 233.128  
Monkeyboy Skylab 233.385  
moose Vertigo 309.507   Admiral
Mung Loki Ducker 228.828   Petty Officer Third Class
NoWay Trez Bonz 113.817  
Pikachu Delirium 219.251   Petty Officer Third Class
RevD Sandman 194.94  
Toe Clip Totocillator 237.827   Petty Officer Third Class
Turtle Greed 974.927   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
vomit Jan Brady 354.696  
WalTor Singularity 422.008  
Task Force Pilot
Navigator vomit
Tailgunner WalTor
Tool Bag Turtle
Medi Bag Danger Mouse
Filmer Diva

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
Light Years13.56
G-Well Activity1.332
Technical Rating2.801