15.8: Safety

SCUL-worthy ship design places pilot-safety at alpha-priority. Our theory is 'a ships will eventually suffer hull-failure. Any area of the ship that would cause injury to the pilot if it failed must be reinforced as much as possible. Well designed civilian craft focus on weight efficiency. SCUL craft must put pilot safety before all other factors. Extending areas of a ship increases hull stress well beyond normal limits. Think of these extensions as leverage bars. Rigors of space travel are significantly amplified.

Let's take ram extension, for example. If I increase the length of the ram by two feet, that's like putting a three-foot crow bar through the bow of a ship. The forces of pilot mass and space turbulence in multiplied.

A good hull design inspection technique is to point to every place where the hull could break, and ask what would happen if it broke in that spot. If the result is pilot injury, it must be in a place that is far less likely to break than a nearby spot that is reinforced or redundant.