Status: Posi

CFT Circus Peanut

This is one of the most colorful ships in the fleet having striped
forks and a yellow hull. Known as a wheelie machine for pilots over
5'4". Fork by Crusty.


Light Years1324.961
Thrust Rating3.124
Handling Rating5.286
Difficulty Rating4.011
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief Engineervomit
OriginBroadway Bike scrap pile
Christened on2000.09.09
LocationFort Tyler
Navi RetroCoaster
Primary Retro


2012.05.26   I Don't Want To Grow Up pecan
2012.04.14   Saturn in Opposition hackworth
2011.10.29   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels Spark
2011.08.27   Hurricane Shmurricane Wombat
2011.04.23   Shelter From The Storm yt
2010.07.31   The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... pecan
2010.05.08   Mix-Tape Warp Core Ejectulation yt
2009.10.24   Pruny Hands on Film Skidmark
2009.08.22   Nitrogen Poop Monkey yt
2009.05.08   Live Long and Phosphor dillweed
2009.04.04   Aplhamission RoadRash
2008.09.23   P-Town P-twn P(t)wned Falcon
2008.09.06   The Pilots of Wetzpance (or The S stands for Su... ZombiePhD
2008.08.02   Lost Boys Falcon
2008.07.12   Balls in Spaaaaaaace Fishtale
2008.05.10   Mixtape dillweed
2008.04.19   Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day dillweed
2008.04.12   Get Everyone Lathed dillweed
2007.10.20   Ah, Go Fly a Kite! Sniffles
2007.10.06   Skunk Day Honkfest Spruce
2007.09.29   Walking the Party Line Dishpan
2007.04.21   OMG BBQ Crispy Ravers dillweed
2007.04.21   Down By The Old Mill Stream... dillweed
2006.09.16   Big Trouble In Little China pywaket
2006.08.12   eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Trisignata
2006.08.05   Swing Set (Diva Day) Rat
2006.05.06   Alphamission 06 Shakes
2005.10.01   OctoberTest Iscariot
2005.09.10   Moose Day Celebrated Rubbish
2005.08.13   No NoWay Day Subliminal
2005.06.25   LowKey AWOL
2005.06.18   DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Masokist
2005.06.04   SCUL Day 2005 Gluteus Maximus
2005.05.28   Full Metal Jackets (R0twang Day) Masokist
2005.05.21   No Plan Crosscut
2005.04.16   Mega Seth a liscous Murray
2005.04.02   Aplamission 05 RoadRash
2004.10.30   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Bird
2004.10.16   Jump Start Prince Al
2004.10.09   Skunk Day 04 Gluteus Maximus
2004.08.28   Picnic Basket (Moose Day) RoadRash
2004.08.21   Wet and Wild Samurai
2004.08.14   NoWay No-Show Scurvy
2004.07.31   Tour De Nosepicker Chari Mama
2004.07.17   SCULimpics 2004 RoadRash
2004.07.10   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Oppo
2004.07.03   Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Frenchy
2004.06.26   FireFlies RoadRash
2004.06.19   I Dunno (vomit day) The Gardner
2004.06.12   Studio 53 Dirt
2004.06.05   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) ktron
2004.05.15   Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque Gluteus Maximus
2004.05.01   ShortAnd Sweet WalrusBlossom
2004.04.17   Stop N Chop Samurai
2004.04.03   Alphamission 04 Samurai
2003.10.18   Tour De Ville Concarne
2003.10.04   Skunk Day 03 Gluteus Maximus
2003.09.20   Arbor Mayhem Phooka
2003.09.06   Breaking Headlines Boner
2003.08.16   NoWay Day A-OK Gumby
2003.07.12   Happy Fun Times Bike Club Krank
2003.06.28   Take The Plunge Mountain Grown
2003.06.07   Expect To See Dawn Eyeball
2003.05.10   Get Outta Town Asher
2003.05.03   Back In The Saddle Gluteus Maximus
2003.04.19   MegaSeth Day Lefty Lucy
2002.10.05   Skunk Day Observed Shakes
2002.09.28   SCULimpics 2002 Danger Mouse
2002.09.21   Massive Entropy Denial Asher
2002.08.03   Full Moon-ing Sparky
2002.07.27   Three Hour Tour Giraffe
2002.07.13   The Quickenin' GasBag
2002.07.06   Submersion Asher
2002.06.01   SCUL Day 2002 GasBag
2002.05.18   Crack Day Monkey Bomb
2002.04.13   5000 Mile Mark Speck
2001.10.06   El Cien Loco vomit
2001.09.29   Storytime Spork
2001.09.08   Skylab Splashdown Dirty Harriet
2001.09.01   Down Mechanical Lane Dirty Harriet
2001.08.25   Catostrophic Failure Gut Rod
2001.08.18   SCULimpics 2001 Games vomit
2001.07.21   FlamingGlobe Grampa
2000.10.29   Hallowheels 20 Shady
2000.10.09   SCULimpics Night Games 20 grendel
2000.10.07   SCULimpics Day Games 2000 vomit
2000.10.01   Close-Up And Personal vomit
2000.09.24   Where The Wind Blows vomit
2000.09.09   Cutthroat vomit
2000.09.06   Logan Express vomit