Every gang needs a Sparky, and every Sparky needs a gang. This guy will get naked at the slightest provocation, especially in the public gardens. Inventor of 'the Sparky maneuver', in which you have five or six beers, ride down a hill, place your chest on the handlebars, place your legs on the rack, and proceed to the nearest curb, ejecting yourself thusly to the nearest bloody lip. Owner of one of the
niftiest biker jackets.

Tour of Duty

HostFleet Admiral Skunk
Knighted ByFleet Admiral Skunk
Light Years944.62

Task Force Record

Medi Bag22
Tool Bag50


Fort Reconstruction7
Misc Bonus1860
MRC Basic2.46

Service Record

Date Mission Ship
060923 We Accidentally Terminated An Earthling Will Stutley
060729 Subconscious Party Will Stutley
060708 Waltor Day 2006 D.B. Cooper
060506 Alphamission 06 D.B. Cooper
050924 Isla Castilia D.B. Cooper
050723 Megaseth Day D.B. Cooper
040731 Tour De Nosepicker D.B. Cooper
040619 I Dunno (vomit day) War
040515 Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque D.B. Cooper
040501 ShortAnd Sweet D.B. Cooper
040417 Stop N Chop D.B. Cooper
040410 Beta Ride D.B. Cooper
040403 Alphamission 04 D.B. Cooper
031011 Pump Up The Volume D.B. Cooper
031004 Skunk Day 03 Will Stutley
030920 Arbor Mayhem D.B. Cooper
030816 NoWay Day A-OK D.B. Cooper
030809 Large Melon SIH
030802 Storm The Castle D.B. Cooper
030628 Take The Plunge Will Stutley
030614 Double Distress Call D.B. Cooper
030517 Crack Day 2003 D.B. Cooper
030405 AlphaMission Ez Raider
021005 Skunk Day Observed D.B. Cooper
020803 Full Moon-ing Circus Peanut
020720 Wharf Rat D.B. Cooper
020713 The Quickenin' D.B. Cooper
020622 Super Lame-o Bailout War
020601 SCUL Day 2002 D.B. Cooper
020525 No Mo Negi Jiggi Mojo D.B. Cooper
020511 Shakes Rattle & Roll Bonnie & Clyde
020420 Fresh Pond Chat D.B. Cooper
020413 5000 Mile Mark Will Stutley
020406 Alphamission 02 D.B. Cooper
011006 El Cien Loco D.B. Cooper
010929 Storytime D.B. Cooper
010908 Skylab Splashdown Pale Horse
010811 Film Noir Will Stutley
010707 WalTor Day Devastation
010624 Square Ride Bonnie & Clyde
010512 Shake Yer Booty Will Stutley
010505 Suicide Mission Will Stutley
010421 Beep Beep Beep Whooo! War
010414 Constant Groovin' Will Stutley
010407 Aplhamission 21 Will Stutley
001029 Hallowheels 20 Will Stutley
001014 Moon Over Arboretum Will Stutley
001009 SCULimpics Night Games 20 Will Stutley
001007 SCULimpics Day Games 2000 Will Stutley
001001 Close-Up And Personal Will Stutley
000924 Where The Wind Blows Will Stutley
000819 Two Hundred Scale Miles Per Hour Will Stutley
000812 It Was Working When We Left Trez Bonz
000806 Mindy Milky Will Stutley
000610 DBD BBQ Will Stutley
000604 Siege The Castle War
000520 19 Pilots Will Stutley
000416 Fudley Dudley Will Stutley
000401 April Fools Will Stutley