Oppo Oppo! Her name spells out poop when
rearranged! Oppo is one of the friendliest pilots
in SCUl. She never complains. She has ridden one
handed while injured and has hauled heavy cargo
(Threspeed) all on her own sea legs.

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date031018
HostFleet Admiral Skunk
Knighted ByPainBunny
Light Years866.59

Task Force Record

Medi Bag10
Tool Bag48


Hi-Fives/Waves Back608
Fort Maintenance4.25
Misc Bonus2766


Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
070811 MAD Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] Skittles
061021 MAD Whistle While You Twerk Skittles
061014 MAD 80's Ride Part Deux (Megaseth Day) Skittles
060930 MAD Bovine Bonanza Skittles
060923 MAD We Accidentally Terminated An Earthling Skittles
060909 MAD Homecoming Queen Skittles
060902 MAD Forced Acceptance Skittles
060826 MAD Freshmaker Skittles
060819 MAD NoWay Day Adventure Skittles
060805 MAD Swing Set (Diva Day) Skittles
060729 MAD Subconscious Party Skittles
060722 MAD Midnight Leopard Death Squad 2006 Skittles
060708 MAD Waltor Day 2006 Skittles
060701 MAD First of July Skittles
060624 MAD June Oh Ween Skittles
060603 MAD SCUL Day 2006 Skittles
060520 MAD Crack Day Of Awesome Skittles
060506 MAD Alphamission 06 Skittles
051030 MAD Hallowheels05 Skittles
051022 MAD Penultimate Radiation Conundrum Skittles
051015 MAD Radiation Scattering Skittles
051008 MAD Skunk Day 05 Anarchy
051001 MAD OctoberTest Skittles
050924 MAD Isla Castilia Skittles
050917 MAD Rain Rain Go Away Skittles
050910 MAD Moose Day Celebrated War
050903 MAD Somethin or other Greed
050826 MAD Operation Super Posi Mjollnir
050820 MAD Egg Toss War
050813 MAD No NoWay Day War
050723 MAD Megaseth Day Sloth
050716 MAD Post SCULimpics Mjollnir
050709 MAD One Bike To Rule Them All Mjollnir
050702 MAD WalTor Day (2005) Mjollnir
050625 MAD LowKey Doctor Love
050618 MAD DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) War
050611 MAD Hot and Moist Mjollnir
050604 MAD SCUL Day 2005 Doctor Love
050521 MAD No Plan Mjollnir
050514 MAD Stoodio53 Mjollnir
050423 MAD Radiation Overload War
050416 MAD Mega Seth a liscous Anger
050409 MAD Beta Missssion 05 Mjollnir
050402 MAD Aplamission 05 Mjollnir
041030 MAD Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Pride
041023 MAD Recurse The 'Verse Devastation
041009 MAD Skunk Day 04 Doctor Love
040925 MAD Axis of Elvis Greed
040918 MAD Broken Pickle Mjollnir
040911 MAD College Rock Doctor Love
040904 MAD Century Intercept Doctor Love
040828 MAD Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Doctor Love
040814 MAD NoWay No-Show Spooky Pirate
040731 MAD Tour De Nosepicker Spooky Pirate
040710 MAD Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Circus Peanut
040703 MAD Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Mjollnir
040619 MAD I Dunno (vomit day) Mjollnir
040612 MAD Studio 53 Star Hustler
040605 MAD SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) Strangelove
040522 MAD Howdy Partner (Rotwang Day) Strangelove
040515 MAD Opertation Shoulda Turned Left At Albuquerque Star Hustler
040508 MAD Derby Durby Derbie Star Hustler
040417 MAD Stop N Chop Swamp Thing
040410 MAD Beta Ride Mjollnir
040403 MAD Alphamission 04 Ooh La La
031101 MAD Hallowheels 03 Darkendank
031025 MAD As Seen On TV Doctor Love
031018 MAD Tour De Ville Doctor Love
Stone Cog