Pilot Date2002.06.01
Total Light Years592.11

Asher proved their skills quickly in the dogfight
derby curcuit, almost costing NoWay his flying ace
medal for 2002. Mission gear: velcro-on
crap-catcher, 10\' of half-innertube. A truly
innovative builder, using almost completely
derelict parts slavaged from trash. Gives amazing
backrubs and is kind to animals especailly our
SCUL mascot, Nemo.


Tool Bag11
Medi Bag1


MRC Basic
Derby Win


Hosted ByDiva
Pilot Date2002.06.01

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2010.10.30 MAD Omegamission Hallowheels Civilian Ship
2008.04.05 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2007.12.31 MAD Points We Hardly Knew Ye Civilian Ship
2007.10.27 MAD Omegamission Civilian Ship
2007.10.20 MAD Ah, Go Fly a Kite! Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2007.10.06 MAD Skunk Day Honkfest Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2007.09.29 MAD Walking the Party Line Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2006.10.21 MAD Whistle While You Twerk Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2006.10.07 MAD Skunk Day 2006 - Scorpion Bowl Agenda VWBeetle
2006.09.09 MAD Homecoming Queen VWBeetle
2006.08.26 MAD Freshmaker VWBeetle
2006.08.19 MAD NoWay Day Adventure VWBeetle
2006.05.06 MAD Alphamission 06 VWBeetle
2005.04.02 MAD Aplamission 05 Civilian Ship
2004.10.23 MAD Recurse The 'Verse Bicycle Descending A Staircase
2004.04.03 MAD Alphamission 04 Moxie Moron
2003.10.25 MAD As Seen On TV VWBeetle
2003.10.18 MAD Tour De Ville VWBeetle
2003.10.11 MAD Pump Up The Volume VWBeetle
2003.09.27 MAD SCULimpics 2003 Summer
2003.09.06 MAD Breaking Headlines VWBeetle
2003.08.23 MAD Don't Tell Mom VWBeetle
2003.07.19 MAD Inmates Run The Asylum Summer
2003.07.12 MAD Happy Fun Times Bike Club Summer
2003.07.05 MAD Waltor Day 2003 VWBeetle
2003.06.07 MAD Expect To See Dawn VWBeetle
2003.05.17 MAD Crack Day 2003 VWBeetle
2003.05.10 MAD Get Outta Town Circus Peanut
2003.05.03 MAD Back In The Saddle VWBeetle
2003.04.26 MAD Come Or Go Summer
2003.04.19 MAD MegaSeth Day Summer
2003.04.12 MAD SloMoBetaMission Moxie Moron
2003.04.05 MAD AlphaMission Moxie Moron
2002.10.26 MAD Last Dance Moxie Moron
2002.10.19 MAD Take The Canoli Moxie Moron
2002.10.12 MAD Radiation Control Summer
2002.10.05 MAD Skunk Day Observed Greed
2002.09.28 MAD SCULimpics 2002 Summer
2002.09.21 MAD Massive Entropy Denial Circus Peanut
2002.09.14 MAD Stickem Up Bumblebee
2002.08.24 MAD Junk In The Trunk Bumblebee
2002.08.10 MAD Castle Island Devastation
2002.07.06 MAD Submersion Circus Peanut
2002.06.29 MAD Field Trip Sloth
2002.06.22 MAD Super Lame-o Bailout Anger
Stone Cog