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SCULimpics Night Games 20

Night games included the Santa Kick, doubles competition, wheelie, and dogfight derby. The footage was documented by the Phoenix.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead By Dawn Durty Basturd 75.5755  
Diva WhiteTrash 58.7465  
Flama Pestilence 33.985   Aviator First Class
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 90.7035  
grendel Circus Peanut 46.738  
Gropo Skylab 74.58  
Jenerator Chrome Pony (Bombardier) 63.215  
Maddog Sloth 24.26   Petty Officer Third Class
MoneyShot Fire 64.876  
Monkey Bomb Famine 34.89  
Mucus Gorm Claiomh 77.6885  
NoWay Darkendank 41.6405  
RockStar Voltar 23.9245   Chief Petty Officer
Sarge Water 34.736   Petty Officer Third Class
Soul Sucka Mjollnir 76.06   Aviator First Class
Sparky Will Stutley 68.1265  
Sprout Chrome Pony 65.945   Petty Officer First Class
vomit Pride 60.055  
WalTor Transport 35.0004  
Zeus Hog 72.8755  
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Berkeley
Destinationassembly square
Light Years3.5
G-Well Activity1
Technical Rating2.5