Pilot Date2003.05.17
Total Light Years1,437.17


Mission Leader2
Deck Officer2
MRC Officer1
Tool Bag20
Flat Bag2
Medi Bag2
Wookiee Bag1
Life Support 12
Damage Control2
Minister of Zoobs7
Compressor Wrangler1
Radio Wrangler1
Skynet Operator Pre1


MRC Basic
Fort Maintenance
Field Repair


Hosted ByFleet Admiral Skunk
Pilot Date2003.05.17

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2010.08.28 MAD Hammer and Tongs Skylab
2010.08.14 MAD Farmworth: Intergalactic! Skylab
2010.07.17 MAD OMGPWNIES Skylab
2010.07.03 MAD Exquisite Corpsicle Skylab
2010.06.19 MAD Waterworld Cloudbuster
2010.06.12 MAD Earth Girls are Easy Civilian Ship
2010.05.29 MAD Gelatinous Cube Skylab
2010.05.01 MAD Articular Matters Skylab
2010.04.17 MAD From the Death Star(t) to the Finish Cloudbuster
2010.04.10 MAD Blue Angels in a Ho-down Skylab
2010.04.02 MAD Alpha-haha-mission 2010 Skylab
2009.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2009 Schadenfreude
2009.10.03 MAD Show the Admiral a Good Time - Skunk Day 2009 Skylab
2009.08.22 MAD Nitrogen Poop Monkey Skylab
2009.08.08 MAD Toast to Toast Century Skylab
2009.07.18 MAD Peeecamatic: Pechanical Cloudbuster
2009.07.11 MAD Curse of the Crone Skylab
2009.06.20 MAD Wounded Bird Skylab
2009.05.16 MAD Fro00oot L0o0ops Skylab
2009.05.02 MAD Art Like a Fart Skylab
2009.04.25 MAD Space, the Final Funtier Skylab
2008.11.01 MAD Hallowheels 2008 Ivory Tower
2008.10.25 MAD Radiation Schmadiation Ivory Tower
2008.10.18 MAD Downtown Ivory Tower
2008.10.11 MAD Ba-Honk-a-donk in tha Trunk Ivory Tower
2008.10.04 MAD Skunk Day Ivory Tower
2008.09.27 MAD What, Radiation Again? Skylab
2008.09.13 MAD Mony Mony (ride ChromePony) Skylab
2008.08.27 MAD SCULimpics and Petrified Fish Poop Ivory Tower
2008.08.26 MAD Like playa through the hourglass, So are the da... Ivory Tower
2008.08.16 MAD Friendly Fire Ivory Tower
2008.08.09 MAD SCULimpics Ivory Tower
2008.08.02 MAD Lost Boys Ivory Tower
2008.07.26 MAD It's Hard to Be a Princess Ivory Tower
2008.07.19 MAD So Hot My Mission Name Melted Catastrophe
2008.07.12 MAD Balls in Spaaaaaaace Skylab
2008.07.05 MAD Waltor Day Carnival Skylab
2008.06.21 MAD Submersive Choppah Underwater League Catastrophe
2008.06.14 MAD Kick It Like Vomit Lazarus
2008.06.07 MAD SCUL Day 2008 Skylab
2008.05.24 MAD Space Truckin' Cloudbuster
2008.05.17 MAD Bicycle Boogie Skylab
2008.05.02 MAD S.O.S. Reconnaissance Ride Cloudbuster
2008.04.26 MAD Merit Badge Catastrophe
2008.04.19 MAD Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Catastrophe
2008.04.12 MAD Get Everyone Lathed Bonnie & Clyde
2008.04.05 MAD AlphaMissle 08 Skylab
2007.12.31 MAD Points We Hardly Knew Ye Skylab
2007.12.24 MAD Santa Rode a Tallbike Skylab
2007.10.27 MAD Omegamission Skylab
2007.10.20 MAD Ah, Go Fly a Kite! Skylab
2007.10.13 MAD This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! Catastrophe
2007.09.29 MAD Walking the Party Line Skylab
2007.08.11 MAD Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] Catastrophe
2007.08.10 MAD All Night Long Doot Doo: Century 2007 Trondholm
2007.08.04 MAD Radiation Treatment CrutchRocket
2007.07.28 MAD Hapto Day Skylab
2007.07.21 MAD SCULimpics 2007 Skylab
2007.07.15 MAD WalTor Day Summer
2007.07.01 MAD Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Skylab
2007.06.23 MAD Fresh (Pond) Air Catastrophe
2007.06.02 MAD SCUL Day 2007 Catastrophe
2007.05.26 MAD Rotwang Day Catastrophe
2007.05.19 MAD Revolution At The Disko Cloudbuster
2007.05.12 MAD Bring Your Own Fun Cloudbuster
2007.04.21 MAD OMG BBQ Crispy Ravers Skylab
2007.04.21 MAD Down By The Old Mill Stream... Skylab
2007.04.14 MAD Suburban White Boy Lament [MegaSeth Day] Skylab
2007.04.07 MAD ALPHA 007 Skylab
2006.10.21 MAD Whistle While You Twerk Skylab
2006.10.14 MAD 80's Ride Part Deux (Megaseth Day) Cloudbuster
2006.09.16 MAD Big Trouble In Little China Circus Peanut
2006.08.06 MAD Design Skwad Skylab
2006.07.16 MAD SCULimpics De-Briefing Skylab
2006.07.08 MAD Waltor Day 2006 Skylab
2006.05.27 MAD Keep On Truckin (Rotwang Day) Skylab
2005.06.04 MAD SCUL Day 2005 Skylab
2004.08.07 MAD Booty Camp Skylab
2004.07.10 MAD Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Vertigo
2004.06.20 MAD LoveTrain Skylab
2004.06.12 MAD Studio 53 War
2003.09.27 MAD SCULimpics 2003 Abandon All Hope
2003.08.09 MAD Large Melon War
2003.07.12 MAD Happy Fun Times Bike Club Famine
2003.07.05 MAD Waltor Day 2003 Skylab
2003.05.31 MAD Double Clutchin' Diesel Drenchin' Devastation
2003.05.17 MAD Crack Day 2003 Ooh La La
Stone Cog