Status: Success


DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005)

The Disco Inferno actually started out as quite cold. Within moments of launching we had two mechanicals and lost a pilot, Kaibosch. Poor Kaibosch! Plans for frosen treaats went awry when Luna Toscaninis changed its hours on us. So we left in search of some action. We bounced our way down space walkways near Cambridgeside stopping in a discreet location for a total boogey shakedown. It was at this time that we discovered that WalTor could not only tailgun but also could dub as a personal grooving disco ball. Solid!
We headed into The Boston System, through deep space and into the public alleys of love. At one point, the ST's got on our case, by following us along a planet. After we cleared tthe way, they got a glimpse of the future (or the past), squealed their tires and burned rubber out of there. Then we took a couple of pit stops (where several pilots considered swapping ships for cardboard ships, but found them to be much less efficient) before converging upon a Luna Store24 outpost for refueling. There we executed one of the largest ever simultaneous sparkler-lightings in SCUL history (so far). Finally we arrived at the landing pad where we departed from all our floaties, inducted the maggots MeatballMulligan, Itch, Numbers, Grimlocke and DirtDog11 and then headed for sleep. Far out!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Appleseed Compliance 252.934   Commander
Blipblipbeep Doctor Love 431.803   Commodore
Bologna Scrub 330.08   Ensign
Buttercup Pride 266.303   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Captain Underpants Trez Bonz 721.974   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Dirt Dog 11 Centvrion 121.383   Aviator First Class
Diva Incineraider 290.181  
Eureka Anger 160.159   Petty Officer First Class
Evil Twin Sweetcheeks 175.227   Captain
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 983.851  
Frogger GoJo 328.703   Petty Officer Second Class
GRIMLOCKE Ooh La La 169.845   Aviator First Class
Hapto Sloth 312.892   Captain
Itch Darkendank 193.282   Aviator First Class
Kaibosch Water 86.3351  
Kinky Pestilence 206.697   Petty Officer First Class
Mars Radical 317.638   Commodore
Masokist Circus Peanut 621.134   Lieutenant
Meatball Mulligan Famine 222.935   Petty Officer Third Class
moose Loki Ducker 433.789   Admiral
Mosquito Delirium 180.843   Lieutenant Commander
Murray Curb Burner 190.117   Petty Officer Second Class
Natas Pig Champion 199.66   Ensign
Numbers Devastation 149.544   Aviator First Class
Oppo War 208.562  
pecan Sugardaddy 745.366   Lieutenant
Pengo PlateOShrimp 104.24   Ensign
Pinky Greed 234.999   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Samurai Geisha 272.523   Commodore
Schemey Mjollnir 314.456  
snarly SnarlyII 724.811   Captain
Spooky Pale Horse 305.051   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Sweetums Lust 204.262  
Threespeed Schadenfreude 969.062   Admiral
Treehugger Sequioa 505.736   Lieutenant Junior Grade
vomit Jan Brady 375.686   Lieutenant Commander
WalTor Singularity 377.223   Commander
Zappa Spooky Pirate 802.966   Master Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot
Filmer Zappa
Navigator vomit
Tailgunner WalTor
Tool Bag pecan

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
DestinationThe 70's
Light Years12.225
G-Well Activity2.216
Technical Rating3.994