Status: Success


SCULimpics Day Games 2000

The day games were wrought with injuries. Several pilots decided to try the jump for the first time. They failed to understand the idea of pulling up on the handlebars. Shady had a nasty injury which caused him to have to need transport to a tissue rejuvenation center. Flama displayed the most alarming crash in history landing on his head! Luckily he was ok.
Events continued including the donut race, skid, frame toss and ghost ride. The fleet the headed to the fort to prepare for night games.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Brat Blue Moon 43.5433   Aviator First Class
Dead By Dawn Transport 42.0513  
Diva WhiteTrash 124.354   Captain
Drillbit Heart Attack Man 60.9375  
Flama Pestilence 74.8281   Aviator
Flasher Caddy Yack 139.984  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 190.174  
Gropo Skylab 158.504  
Jenerator Chrome Pony (Bombardier) 129.992   Master Chief Petty Officer
Maddog Sloth 47.9612  
MegaTron Street Sweeper 86.0428  
MoneyShot Fire 149.924   Lieutenant
Mucus Gorm Claiomh 163.968  
Natty Gann Greed 136.385   Commander
NoWay Darkendank 87.1755  
RockStar Voltar 48.5966  
Sarge Water 60.4883  
Scum Spooky Pirate 133.119   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Shady SIH 100.141   Ensign
Smash Trez Bonz 84.2083   Captain
Sparky Will Stutley 140.57  
Sprout Chrome Pony 134.915   Petty Officer Second Class
vomit Circus Peanut 92.8899  
WalTor Singularity 144.616  
Zeus Hog 152.076  
Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size25 pilots
OriginFort Berkeley
Destinationsculympics day and night
Light Years8.73
G-Well Activity1.404
Technical Rating2.801