Vice Admiral


Computer/audio/photo nerd and demoscener possessing a doctorate in evil. Don't cross him unless you've got a geeky niece and pet dog to foil his maniacal plans...

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date100925
Knighted Byhackworth
Light Years7114.7

Task Force Record

Beer Mule6
Chalk Bag4
Com-Sat 112
Compressor Wrangler1
Damage Control42
Deck Officer8
Flat Bag7
Food Wrangler12
Gate Attendant4
Life Support Synthesis9
Medi Bag20
Minister of Zoobs80
Mission Debriefer5
Mission Leader33
Mission Pinner2
Mission Reporter2
MRC Officer14
Print Jockey7
Radio Wrangler1
Radiobox 157
Radiobox 252
Radiobox 321
Radiobox 41
Stellar Cartographer38
Sticker Bag5
Still Cam14
Tool Bag8
Wookiee Bag57


Hi-Fives/Waves Back1487
Derby Win8
Derby Ribbon Grab2
Colors on Bag1
Colors on Person206
Insignia on Person162
MRC Advanced23
MRC Basic238.5
Ship Cargo81
Transport Services11
Misc Bonus4759

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
211023 MAD Great Migration Shockwave
211017 MAD Long Shot Mulligan: Century 21C Skywarp
211009 MAD Skunk Day: Treat Yo'self Skywarp
211002 MAD So Long, And Thanks For All The Plasma Failures Skywarp
210918 MAD Aye Aye, Butterfly! Skywarp
210904 MAD Taco Party! Skywarp
210828 MAD Nochnoy Dozor Summer
210807 MAD Nyte Moves Skywarp
210724 MAD Twenty-Eleven, Two Nine Seven Skywarp
210710 MAD Two-tee Fiver Skywarp
210626 MAD Park Rangers Shockwave
210619 MAD Un Œuf With The Egg Puns! Skywarp
210529 MAD Rain or Moonshine Skywarp
210508 MAD Masked Gwells Skywarp
210417 MAD Gamma Is For Chill Skywarp
210410 MAD Semi-official Beta Spectacular Shockwave
210403 MAD Red Shirt Panic Shockwave
201031 MAD Vortex-20 Skywarp
200808 MAD Liberry Jam Skywarp
200715 MAD Somer Circumnaville Vigation Mk. I Skywarp
200502 MAD Solo Scavenger Hunt Skywarp
200425 MAD Bending Space Time Civilian Ship
200418 MAD Intergalactic Dance Party Ghost Ship
200404 MAD Alternamission Skywarp
191109 MAD Omegamission 19 Skywarp
191102 MAD Hallowheels 19 Summer
191026 MAD Border Patrol Shockwave
191019 MAD Nightworm Skywarp
191012 MAD G-Well That Ends Well: Century 2019 Shockwave
191005 MAD Skunk Day 50 Shockwave
190928 MAD Princess Bride Shockwave
190921 MAD To The 29 Monuments: Lordmcfuzz Day Shockwave
190914 MAD Pilots Need Pampers Shockwave
190907 MAD The Gang From L.A.Z.E.R. Skywarp
190831 MAD Quest For Dark Matter Skywarp
190824 MAD Deep Space Maneuvers - Stage One and Two Skywarp
190817 MAD Gremlins: The First Batch Shockwave
190811 MAD Dawn Patrol Skywarp
190803 MAD Parable of the Pearacle Shockwave
190727 MAD Reindeer Games Shockwave
190720 MAD A Trip to the Moon Shockwave
190713 MAD Splashdown! Skywarp
190616 MAD Funk Your Century, Let's Have Fun Shockwave
190615 MAD A Hyperspace Byway Too Far Shockwave
190601 MAD The Fog of Time: SCUL Day '19 Skywarp
190525 MAD Life Support Synthesis Summer
190518 MAD Eat The Cricket Shockwave
190511 MAD Tribblespottin' Shockwave
190504 MAD May The 4th Be Little Free Library Day on Tatoo... Skywarp
190427 MAD Pullin' G's Skywarp
190420 MAD Soggy Space Matzah Skywarp
190413 MAD Black Hole Shockwave
190406 MAD Appalachiamission '19 Shockwave
181110 SCD Bonus Pi in the Frozen Sky Skywarp
181103 MAD Omegamission / Life Day 2018 Shockwave
181027 MAD Hallowilla Skywarp
181013 MAD Alien Egg Investigation Shockwave
181006 MAD Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Shockwave
180929 MAD Lordmcfuzz's Double Doo Doo Century Shockwave
180922 MAD Fall In Line Shockwave
180915 MAD Cats In Space Shockwave
180915 SCD SCULimpics 2018: Star City Games Lucifer
180908 MAD Escape from the Cape Skywarp
180901 MAD Divinity Cat Moved Us To The Moon Skywarp
180825 MAD Red Dawn Skywarp
180818 MAD Chalk-Full-O'Funk Shockwave
180811 MAD Lazer Mizzzion Shockwave
180728 MAD Ancient Alien Ruins Shockwave
180721 MAD Thunderclaws Is Coming To Town Skywarp
180714 MAD Flight of the Aviator Skywarp
180714 SCD Anchors A-weigh Skywarp
180630 MAD Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! Shockwave
180616 MAD Double Dippin' Skywarp
180602 MAD Hallelujah the Fuel Dump Skywarp
180526 MAD SCUL Day 22 Shockwave
180519 MAD Soggy Ninjas Skywarp
180512 MAD Persephone Calling Bieber Fever
180428 MAD ABC It's as Easy as Objectives 1 2 3 Shockwave
180421 MAD Wandering Cricket Shockwave
180414 MAD Dr. Dudley Skywarp
180407 MAD Alohamission 2018 Shockwave
171104 MAD Life Day 2017 Shockwave
171028 MAD Hallowheels 2017 Skywarp
171021 MAD Day-Cordova Shockwave
171021 MAD Rocky Hyperspace Picture Show Skywarp
171015 MAD Galactic Frontier: One-Way Century 2017 Skywarp
171008 MAD Largest Parade Formation Ever Skywarp
171007 MAD Little Red Riding pre-HONK! Shockwave
171001 MAD Little Ship of Horrors Skywarp
170930 MAD Big Dipper Shockwave
170922 MAD Return To Lawl Skywarp
170916 MAD Meskenas Mischief Shockwave
170909 MAD Bermuda Triangle Skywarp
170902 MAD Hypno Wormhole Skywarp
170826 MAD By The Book Skywarp
170819 MAD Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Skywarp
170812 MAD Sons of Perseus Skywarp
170805 MAD Siren Song Skywarp
170729 MAD Chop Beach Rinse Repeat Bieber Fever
170722 MAD Chop To The Hop Shockwave
170715 MAD Christmas In July Skywarp
170701 MAD SCUL Day Observed Shockwave
170618 MAD Yes, We Have No Bananas Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong
170615 MAD Lithuaniamania and Gargamel's Revenge Bananarama
170603 MAD Night Market Garden: A Bridge Too Far Shockwave
170527 MAD Augment My Chopper Shockwave
170520 MAD Eggscape To Poo Island Skywarp
170513 MAD Let's Be Evil Shockwave
170506 MAD Wheeled Migration Skywarp
170429 MAD We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out Shockwave
170422 MAD Creampuff Shockwave
170415 MAD Egg-zaduration Shockwave
170408 MAD Z Axis Skywarp
170401 MAD I'm Dreaming of a White Alphamission Summer
161105 MAD Life Day 2016 Shockwave
161029 MAD Hallowheel sooogoood Shockwave
161022 MAD Poefection Shockwave
161015 SCD Colour Out of Space (Starchaser Century) Skywarp
161008 MAD Skunk Day '16 Skywarp
160930 MAD Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux Skywarp
160923 MAD Kineticcting to LOL Skywarp
160917 MAD Peter Pan - Return of the Lost Boys Compliance
160910 SCD Space Camp: The Revenge Skywarp
160903 MAD U-Want To Do What? Bieber Fever
160827 MAD Slingshot Nebulae Skywarp
160820 MAD Ghost Train Skywarp
160814 MAD Dawn Patrol Skywarp
160806 MAD A View To A Thrill Skywarp
160730 MAD Pretty Princess Skywarp
160723 MAD Castles In The Sand Skywarp
160716 MAD Salem's Lot Skywarp
160709 MAD Red Light Hustle Skywarp
160625 MAD Lickety Splat Skywarp
160618 SCD Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Skywarp
160611 MAD Over, Under, Around, and Through Skywarp
160604 MAD Twentieth Anniversary Fox Skywarp
160528 MAD Reach The Beach Skywarp
160521 MAD Night Market Rendezvous *TOP SEKRET Skywarp
160514 MAD Do The Worm Skywarp
160507 MAD Yer Mom Is So Chopped Bieber Fever
160430 MAD Divine Comedy Abandon All Hope
160423 MAD White Hole Skywarp
160416 MAD The Friendly Skies Skywarp
160409 MAD B-Side Skywarp
160402 MAD Alfrescomission '16 Skywarp
151113 SCD Unlucky Friday the 13th Poor Judgement One Up B... Skywarp
151107 MAD Omegamission 2015 Skywarp
151031 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Shockwave
151024 MAD Back to the Castle Shockwave
151017 MAD Warm Fuzzies Skywarp
151010 SCD Woods Hole Century Skywarp
151003 MAD Skunk Day '15 Shockwave
150926 MAD Where's The Beef? Shockwave
150919 MAD Bog Standard Ops Shockwave
150912 MAD Hullabaloo Skywarp
150905 MAD 'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun Skywarp
150829 MAD Carpe Noctem Shockwave
150822 MAD Tooth Fairy Shockwave
150815 MAD Cosmic Safari Shockwave
150808 MAD Take 'er Easy Skywarp
150801 MAD Newton Horizons Shockwave
150725 SCD Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Skywarp
150718 MAD Hot Shot Shockwave
150711 MAD Rat Pack Shockwave
150704 MAD Spindependence Shockwave
150627 MAD Yellow SCULmarine Shockwave
150613 MAD Keeping up ApPEARances Shockwave
150606 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Skywarp
150530 MAD StarBuck Rojerthat Shockwave
150523 MAD Photon Overdrive Shockwave
150516 MAD Show and Tell Shockwave
150509 MAD Honking Brass Band, Hidden Rhino Shockwave
150502 MAD String Theory Shockwave
150425 MAD Chop Your Own Adventure Shockwave
150418 MAD Cloaked in Cardboard Skywarp
141108 MAD Overtime: Omegamission '14 Shockwave
141101 MAD Halloweeeels '14 Skywarp
141025 MAD Winter? SCULimpics '14 Skywarp
141018 SCD Flying in the Face of Providence Skywarp
141012 MAD Chonk! Skywarp
141011 MAD This Mission Brought To You By The Letter 'D' Shockwave
141004 MAD Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Shockwave
140920 MAD Hullraiser, Century 2014 Shockwave
140913 MAD Cursed But Not Doomed Mjollnir
140906 MAD Radiation Worship Shockwave
140830 MAD Balanced Diet Shockwave
140823 MAD Aquaprincess Shockwave
140816 MAD Let's Get Physical Shockwave
140726 MAD Scrambled Egg-stravaganza Shockwave
140719 MAD Ghost Ship Shockwave
140712 MAD Into The Grid Shockwave
140628 MAD Mission to Xenon Shockwave
140621 MAD Operation Summer-ville Shockwave
140607 MAD Starship Mumtacular Shockwave
140531 MAD All Aboard the SCUL Express! Shockwave
140524 MAD Hobo Party Shockwave
140517 SCD Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex Summer
140515 MAD Smiling in Salem Rhinoceros
140510 MAD Rhubarb Memorial Shockwave
140503 MAD Safety Dance Shockwave
140426 MAD Smooth Sailing Shockwave
140412 MAD Macular Assault Shockwave
140405 MAD Alphonsemission '14 Shockwave
131102 MAD Omegamission 2013 Shockwave
131026 MAD Bike-O-Ween Shockwave
131019 MAD Pen-Penultimate Mission Shockwave
131012 MAD Art In The Third Dimension! Shockwave
131005 MAD Skunk Day 2013: Electric Boogaloo II Shockwave
130928 MAD Live Free and Fly: Century 2013 Shockwave
130921 MAD Night of the Flying Maggots Shockwave
130914 MAD Funky Mummy Shockwave
130907 MAD Back 2 SCUL Catastrophe
130831 MAD Sea Fortress Recon Catastrophe
130824 MAD 15 Minutes to Fabulous Bieber Fever
130810 MAD Low Places, Tight Spaces, Permagrin Faces Catastrophe
130803 MAD Dollar A Pound Summer
130727 MAD SCULimpics 2013 Catastrophe
130720 MAD Please Sir May I Have S'more? Summer
130713 MAD Stifie's Chooper Gang Catastrophe
130629 MAD Radiation Warz!!! Trez Bonz
130622 MAD Super Mooning: The Revenge Catastrophe
130608 MAD Sea or Sugar Catastrophe
130601 MAD Sweet Seventeen Star Hustler
130525 MAD Double Trouble Yer Mom
130518 MAD Raise A Flag Catastrophe
130511 MAD Shake Your Bones Mjollnir
130504 MAD Mayday Art Overload Catastrophe
130427 MAD Hot Potato Compliance
130420 MAD Defusion Pale Horse
130413 MAD Pajama Party Catastrophe
121103 MAD Novemberiffic Omegamission Catastrophe
121027 MAD Hallowheels 2012 Mjollnir
121020 MAD Picture Day Disco Digital Snapshot Funtime Extreme Mad Rabbit
121013 MAD Century 2012 Delirium
121006 MAD Skunk Day 2012 Mad Rabbit
120929 MAD Chasing The Stars With The Starchasers Delirium
120922 MAD Where Is Wombat? Catastrophe
120915 MAD Project MUM Delirium
120908 MAD Spokesfest Civilian Escort Catastrophe
120901 MAD Night of the Living U-Hauls Delirium
120825 MAD For Tinman Mjollnir
120818 MAD Flight of the Bumblebee Chastity
120811 MAD Shabadoonicorn Mad Rabbit
120728 MAD Poseidon's Pimple Mad Rabbit
120721 MAD Orange You Glad It's Pecan Day? Skylab
120714 MAD Aurora SCULealis Lazarus
120707 MAD Castle Jam-booor-eeee Mad Rabbit
120630 MAD One Wet Pilot One Night Stand
120623 MAD Chopra vs. Godzilla Compliance
120609 MAD SCUL Day: Can You Dig It? Summer
120602 MAD Wake The Dead On Planet Jupiter Catastrophe
120526 MAD I Don't Want To Grow Up Summer
120519 MAD Disco Diva Dance Party Compliance
120512 MAD Word To Your Mother! Star Hustler
120505 MAD Super Mooning Compliance
120428 MAD Voyage to Arkham Catastrophe
120421 MAD Tea and Grackle Compliance
120414 MAD Saturn in Opposition Summer
111231 MAD Cranks for the Memories Summer
111029 MAD I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels Mjollnir
111022 MAD Bells Angels Trinity
111015 MAD Gag Me With A Raspberry Beret Pale Horse
111008 MAD Skunk Day Summer
111002 MAD HONK! Parade Mjollnir
111001 MAD Medley Mission Star Hustler
110924 MAD Longrange Badass Rendezvous Lazarus
110917 MAD Weird Bumps Star Hustler
110910 MAD Century Bendicorium Quo SCULibum Non Sit Lazarus
110903 MAD Movie Night and Bicycle Alchemy Summer
110827 MAD Hurricane Shmurricane Annihilation
110820 MAD 8-bit Seal Cruft Lazarus
110813 MAD Tyler Perry Presents Mary Tyler Moore In 'Fort ... Mjollnir
110806 MAD Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) One Night Stand
110730 MAD Fashion Show Summer
110723 MAD Gong Swimmin' Pale Horse
110702 MAD Wild Goose Chase Summer
110625 MAD Turn It Up Pale Horse
110611 MAD Ships at Sea Spooky Pirate
110604 MAD SCULimpics 2011 Abandon All Hope
110528 MAD Picnic By The Sea Summer
110521 MAD So Long And Thanks For All The Ι&#... Iron Butterfly
110514 MAD Cold Fusion Reactor Catastrophe
110507 MAD Donatello Anybody Van Der Goes To Make A Messina Rhinoceros
110430 MAD Let Them Eat Cake Catastrophe
110423 MAD Shelter From The Storm Summer
110409 MAD Repo Men Catastrophe
110402 MAD AlphaMission Annihilation
101030 MAD Omegamission Hallowheels Rhinoceros
101023 MAD Shiny Metals Annihilation
101016 MAD Mega Ride Catastrophe
101010 MAD HONK! Parade 2010 Mad Rabbit
101009 MAD Skunk Day Mad Rabbit
100925 MAD Ground Pounder Mad Rabbit
Iron Cog
MRC Medal
Special Ops