Status: Success


Radiation Warz!!!

Tonight we rode everywhere and hit all the constellations for our guests from the Starchasers!
Rumble in the Allston Derby Thunderdome!
Over the river and back again, and everywhere in between.

Davis to Harvard to Allston to Coolidge to Fenway to Copley to the Common to the Theater District to Downtown Crossing to Chinatown to the Greenway to the North End to Charlestown to Lechmere to MIT to Central and home again.... long, epic night.

In Allston we proved once and for all that space pilots are more than any groundling hipsters could dare to hope. Plus it's cup heaven.

(Launchpad stillcam pix by Stogie)
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Yodel 606.525   Admiral
Beatleman Spooky Pirate 539.406   Ensign
Civitron Pale Horse 529.205  
danimal Codename George 459.147   Lieutenant Junior Grade
DrClaw Trez Bonz 473.045   Admiral
Epoxy Mjollnir 813.649   Commodore
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 1023.95  
Joyride Hellfire 107.875   Master Chief Petty Officer
Leotard Trinity 812.449   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
moose Loki Ducker 851.694   Lieutenant Commander
Nosepicker G.I. Jane 218.034   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Tyrian Compliance 0  
Wombat Dirty Dino 617.362  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock DrClaw
Chalk Bag danimal
Com-Sat 1 BaneThunderwolf
Damage Control Leotard
Deck Officer Leotard
Flat Bag Nosepicker
Gate Attendant Leotard
Medi Bag Tyrian
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
MRC Officer Fleet Admiral Skunk
Navigator Wombat
Radiobox 1 Leotard
Sticker Bag Civitron
Tailgunner Epoxy
Tool Bag Beatleman
Wookiee Bag danimal

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
Light Years23.5624
G-Well Activity3.182
Technical Rating3.568