Status: Success


A Trip to the Moon

Mission Objectives

  • Build your own soda-bottle rocket
  • Launch rockets into "orbit" from a handy local space port.
  • Orbit the Earth and then enter a trans-Lunar injection orbit.
  • Land on the moon! Plant a flag, leave footprints, gather souvenirs
  • Enjoy moon cheese, moon cakes, moon pies, and whatever you want to bring out of the gravity well.
  • Return to Earth with a big splashdown, should be a welcome stop on a hot night.
  • Refueling stop at some point, space travel is hard work.

Mission Summary

On the exact 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, we will travel there to commemorate the NASA astronauts' feat.

It had been a punishing daycycle, lashed by brutally energized photons pouring from the cruel daystar. All of us trapped below the Heat Dome were thermally overexcited, our vigor sapped to feebleness. We launched 16 pilots strong, including one befuddled Earthun astronaut, one exuberant, bug-eyed, luminous, scantily-clad alien and three (3) brave babymaggots fresh from boot camp.

Our first attempt at space exploded on the launchpad. Hastily assembling replacement ships from the rain of debris, we tried again. This plan exploded a scant few planets away, and again we were forced to retool, as it were on the fly. Pastry Queen here earned a medal of Patronage by realizing we were in fact atop a frozen water-ice lode, and a brief excavation yielded plenty of thermal damping for all. With this liberally applied and a new fleet readied for flight, we were away. Third time's the charm, things were looking up! Our target, Earth's sister planet famed in song and story, rose orange behind heavy haze.

We buzzed Davis Constellation, proceeded to Luna Star for unsavory snax, and headed outward into the void. Near Alewife Spaceport we halted upon one of the illimitable Iron-Plains of Neruval, and there Threespeed pressurized and detonated many luminescent missiles. The exotic properties of liquid water and compressed Earthun air combined to launch these dozens of shiplengths from the planetary surface. A cephalic irradiation unit provided much-needed pilot coolant.

Here Pilot Rocket summoned a levitating robot of some sort, which made the terrifying sound of a horde of deadly winged arthropods, but actually seemed friendly. Fine sailing so far, but is this the moon? It is not! Where is our splashdown? We proceed!

We navigated past much solid radiation eventually arriving at the shores of the great Spy Nebula. Our astronaut fellow traveler here planted a flaggish Earthun emblem, and after cracking her helmet to determine that the local atmosphere supports life as we know it, proceeded to join with SCUL in radiation therapy and generally inhabit this planet. Now we have splashed down on the moon, and all but our wombatiform member agree it is delightfully refreshing.

Here were shared out moon pies, moon cakes, moon cheese, and cantaloupe. Cooled and refreshed, the daystar far from our planet and our integuments, we flew, casual and victorious home.

Babymaggots NOVA, Ziqqurat, and Precision turned in fine flights and were promoted to crawling maggots. Medals were Chic and Strength to Astronaut Leotard, Chic to Alien Skunk, Chic to the eponymous Ms. Moon for her shining integument, Chic to Red Squirrel, and Patronage to Pastry Queen for provision of solid radiation in the direst of needs.

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead Bride Albatross 562.269   Lieutenant Commander
DrClaw Shockwave 388.027   Commander
eXceSs Presto Changeo 583.153   Lieutenant
Fart Noises Chastity 217.582  
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 2106.83   Vice Admiral
Leotard Trinity 487.686   Ensign
Lordmcfuzz The Mighty Nein 922.693  
MsMoon Strangelove (Bombardier) 134.734   Petty Officer First Class
NOVA Mad Rabbit 0  
Pastry Queen Princess Fun Police 497.965   Lieutenant Commander
Precision Ez Raider 0  
Red Squirrel Centvrion 177.641   Petty Officer First Class
Rocket 88 611.426   Petty Officer First Class
Threespeed Strangelove 538.654   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Wombat El Guapo 249.813  
Ziqqurat D.B. Cooper 0  
Task Force Pilot
Airlock Rocket
Chalk Bag Ziqqurat
Cleaner Leotard
Com-Sat 1 eXceSs
Com-Sat 2 Threespeed
Damage Control DrClaw
Deck Officer Dead Bride
Flat Bag Lordmcfuzz
Life Support Synthesis Threespeed
Medi Bag NOVA
Minister of Zoobs DrClaw
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Leader Threespeed
Mission Pinner eXceSs
Mission Reporter Leotard
Navigator Pastry Queen
Radiobox 1 Fleet Admiral Skunk
Radiobox 2 DrClaw
Radiobox 3 Leotard
Recycler Red Squirrel
Stellar Cartographer Pastry Queen
Sticker Bag Rocket
Still Cam Rocket
Tailgunner Dead Bride
Tool Bag Pastry Queen
Wookiee Bag Precision

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Tyler
DestinationThe Moon
Light Years12.28
G-Well Activity1.3592
Technical Rating2.1138