Status: Virtual


Solo Scavenger Hunt

Dreadflint and Sparrow's Report

Journey to Lizzy Bordon's ... no, Lizzy's Ice Cream.

The Dread Pirate Flint and Sparrow took flight at 1535 with an X marking Lizzy's Ice Cream on their navigational charts. Winding through the Cambridge System on his BB-61 Battlebomber they found food flying kites on the old spacefill, something yellow, dogs, buildings full of books of higher learning which can only be reached by climbing many stairs, a monument to a fake John Harvard, a fence and car that just wants us to love one another, a single work glove, and most importantly: a huge haul of TP stolen from the Death Star.

Pastry Queen's Report

The halls of our beloved fort remain preternaturally quiet, without the raucous sonic disruption of life support, disruptors, or pilots shouting in frustration. For weeks, only a few quiet feet have shuffled here. Only Princess Fun Police has come to visit the other ships, and report to them of the world outside. To bring them some comfort, livingroombike and I navigated a maze populated only by dust bunnies for the best updates the indoors had to offer. Many lightyears have passed since a mission was contained in these walls. There was life support, a miniature derby, even kickin' claus! Unfortunately livingroombike takes longer to navigate from building 8 to the wilds by the propshop than it would to spacewalk, and has a tendency to eject its pilot with alarming regularity.
I submit the accompanying photodocumentation as evidence that your presence here is missed, and offer hope of your return.

eXceSs's Report

eXceSs reporting on the hunt. ~12 L.Y. I set out with a plan to complete the objective of 5 hunt items in a single optical surveillance record, no plan survives contact with the perils of space. I recalculated and was able to complete the hunt in 2 records by connecting a point to point connection between two large scale art installations made by fellow pilots. My first destination was the mighty Pear by pilot Bird. This checked off three things from the list. Art from a SCUL Pilot, The place where I knighted Shadowcat, and Food. My sights were then set on Dyana the protector of Fort Tyler airspace to finish the job. I took my time and encountered by did not document many additional items along the way. Finding a map of the old luna south station switching yard in a tiny, dead end park. I spied a lonely megaphone on the harborwalk by the Fort Point Asteroid Belt checking off sound and a tiny river. I was then halted in my wanderings by a stairway to nowhere, changing course I carried on. Flying out of the Seaport System I passed a pirate ship out of water as I crushed a lonely glove like a cup, it's loneliness was not vocalized by a satisfying noise. Smooth sailing back through the Boston system. The space lanes were eerily quiet but such as become the norm, even under the the blazing day star. To complete my hunt I did a flyby of Fort Tyler, taking a brief shore leave to greet Dyana and check off three more items in a single record. A quick RTB loop returned me safely home via the decontamination sink.

Lordmcfuzz's report

It was chilly and I forgot my gloves. I was tempting to pick up the lonely glove that I found, but it was just one glove and I had two hands. My mission was ~11 L.Y long and saw many masked people, but they were cheerful and most waved back. Towards the end of my mission, waving was a little hard with frozen hands. I traveled into the Charlestown galaxy and I found a Fireman's memorial on a street that I have never traveled down. I then sought out the Bunker Hill Memorial, as it is a favorite place of mine. While I was climbing the hill, I discovered the loneliest of winter gloves just off the path way up to the monument. I later passed by an Elmo stuck in a fence, but I failed a fly by still cam. I took a picture of a steely gate, but only realized afterwards I was looking for a stately gate. I tested my ships maneuverability by flying up the accessibility ramps in John Harvard's Mall, where at the top I did some Higher Learning from my cockpit about about the man the Higher Education Institution is named after. Looping around Cambridgeside, I spied a stairway to nowhere on the other side of the asteroid belt. I investigated and got photographic evidence that it did in fact go nowhere. Remembering that there was something from another country(or two?) in the area I went to look for it. It was the first time I actually looked at the Berlin wall under the day star. It's been 30 years since the wall was torn down. After that, I headed back to my fort but remembered that there was a barnacle that has been testing time. Its showing some rust and age, but it is still high up and out of reach on Pearl Street.

I went out again, as the first time was a bunch of fun and today was much warmer. A relaxing 31 ly flight brought me all the way out to the arboretum where I went to the top of the hill, but not before making the wrong turn that I always make. I observed radio silence, as is tradition, so I would not disturb food with my podcast listening. After flying to the top and seeing it for the first time in the day star, I went to the top of the other hill in the park. The Traveler does extremely well while traversing negi g-wells. I'm quite happy with it's thruster capabilities. The emerald Necklace was not too populated as I thought it would be so I got to enjoy the ride along the asteroid belt. I found a large cat at the Higher Learning location called Wentworth, and then a Large Sphere that was covered in radiation. Enjoying the afternoon day star, I decided to loop through he public gardens and then up and down Comm ave, finishing my Boston travels down newbury street and over the Mass ave bridge. It was smooth sailing back to my fort by the way of columbus st and union square. It is believed that Volpe and I were flying together but we did not recognize each other with our masks on.

Diva's report

I went on a humanitarian mission. I completed this last Sunday before I received this week's mission objectives. So in terms of completing the scavenger hunt objectives, this was a FAILURE. My personal mission objective was to deliver spacecootie protective coverings for the LunaPineStreetInn. That objective was a success. A civilian in my star system on Planet KittyCat has been coordinating deliveries of spacecootie coverings. I went out in early hours on a damp, chilly day in hopes that I would encounter few spacewalkers. Those I did encounter were pretty friendly to me when I would ring my bell and I got a few compliments about my ship. I took PlanetGreat and PlanetParker to get to the drop off and then traveled through deep space and a worm hole back to my fort, covering approximately 5 LY. I am pleased to report that FPS ToxicWaste handled the muddy conditions of deep space like a champ. While in deep space I was passed by two civilianships. They abruptly stopped ahead of me. There were two geese and goslings in a standoff with them. I rang my bell and approached, having had a lot of practice with these encounters in Galaxy NewYork last summer along the ErieCanal, I felt I knew what to do. I said "just give them some room and pass while making a lot of noise" The civis said, "Um, you first. These suckers scare us" So I went ahead and the geese hissed but moved and cleared a pathway for the three of us. Eventually, the deep space led to the AssabetRailTrail wormhole. There were many potential spacecootie carriers on this wormhole. While I was wearing a cootie covering, they were not nor did they have any sense of an appropriate distance of .00113 light years. Thankfully, I was able to put my derby skills to work and managed to get by using the high maneuverability of ToxicWaste to weave through them or go off the outer edges of the wormhole. I arrived at my fort without incident.


Before exiting the Fort, the requisite blessing from "Stompy" (Art by Pecan) was obtained and fair travel was ensured. Patrolling up to Davis Constellation, discovery was made of a sticker depicting a sinister robot attempting to sway the digital masses. Doubling back towards the Charlestown System, I felt a pair of eyes keeping watch and discovered a hidden wheel of art with a skull affixed, the teeth made from bronze castings of a human mouth mold. Reaching my destination in Charlestown I discovered my zoobs had run dry and I was unable to acquire proof of the almighty potato. Returning to base for cupcakes and further scavenging on the interspace communication hub, a photo documenting the Potato Monument was found. Also located was a photo from a far away galaxy, depicting a ship I built in Lithuania, adorned with a disco ball, being piloted on a runway.



Dr.Claw mostly rode around all day and into the night trying to get used to wearing a mask while chopping up major (MAJOR!) negi G-Wells without asphyxiating. And messing around with unorthodox partial-spectrum photography close to home afterward.

Nova Reporting In!

Nova, determined to maximize her daystar exposure, spent most of the day flying around on Mad Rabbit and enjoying her favorite dual-thruster transport. At approximately 200502s.1600, she set out to find some illustrious space scavenger hunt items!

On her quest, she encountered these objects!

The Guardian of Somerville theatre, one of Nova's favorite robots!
The Most Important Map In The Somerville System
The Smallest NOT ART in all the Galaxy
One Very stately gate!
Mad Rabbit enjoying a Relaxing Night of Pampering! Ooh la la :3
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Civilian Ship 39  
Diva Toxic Waste 101.864  
DrClaw Skywarp 18.34  
DreadFlint BB-61 143.5   Pilot
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 219.862   Petty Officer Third Class
Lordmcfuzz The Traveler 565.75   Aviator First Class
NOVA Mad Rabbit 70.77  
Pastry Queen Living Room Bike 106.299  
Sparrow BB-61 (Bombardier) 0  
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Lordmcfuzz
Paper Wrangler Sparrow
Sentry DreadFlint
Life Support Synthesis Skunk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderLordmcfuzz
Mission Size 9 pilots
OriginWherever you are
DestinationOut there
Light Years7
G-Well Activity0
Technical Rating0