'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun
So I finally brought you on a ride. Happy?


What did you like about it?

Uh...I liked that it was AWESOME.

I'm glad. Hey I've gotta write this thing. Wanna help me remember what happened?

Sure. We visited that giant hood milk bottle thing. And you drew that cat riding a motorcycle.
We ate pizza that ...guy...


We ate pizza that Wombat procured from that place on Charles Street.

The Upper Crust. Dumpster Diving Delicious!

Let's see. We stopped at your friend's party.

That's a "distress call." Brambleberry Manor. Lovely people. I hope to go back soon.

We listened to a lot of fun milk-themed music. Like that David Bowie parody.

We need to throw in some milk puns.

Like "we milked the soundtrack for all it was worth."

HA! Exactly. You'll fit right in.

Ummm... we put cards in our spokes so we would sound like "a real chopper gang." That was pretty cool, actually. And we stopped at JP Licks for a bit, but then we had to get Mooooving. ::finger guns::

Ugh. Right, and then we had ten million mechanicals. Oh! And we picked up that floater for awhile, and then we had that mechanical in the middle of Harvard Law where that ST was super nice to us.

And Sewer? kept showing off his awesome kickstand/step thingy he'd just finished. That was great.

And you got hazed. And Leela did, too!



(all celebrity voices were impersonated, no celebrities were harmed in the writing of this mission report.)

hatched two baby maggots.
ice cream at jp licks in Davis
several F'nB issues with bane using it and purple gain on iridium. Mostly drecent by the time we left Harvard Constellation.
construction at Harvard
Klingon follows and loses a pedal on Harvard campus.
only bike to really break was the one we didn't build...(Klingon's)
Harvard ST investigates, gets sticker "I am a Christian, I can't wear this to church"
reach distress signal, shore leave!
make a quick dash to the harbour walk,
Wombat trash picks a full pizza
Bane rick-rolls the fleet to the joy of civilians and ire of Leotard.
Reach Milk Bottle, chill and chalk while consuming said pizza.
Easy flight home.

Q branch sonic disruptors were magnificent and most lasted the mission.
consumed milk molecules, hit old milk row, rode down milk street to hit milk bottle. buzzed milk row cemetery to landing pad.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
BaneThunderwolf Iridium 1287.4   Admiral
Beetle Juice Spooky Pirate 0   Recruit
Dead Bride Darkendank 155.448  
DrClaw Skywarp 984.155  
Epoxy Mjollnir 355.71   Petty Officer 1st Class
Ganoderma Mad Rabbit 349.22  
Leotard Trinity 387.133  
Sidekick Yer Mom 265.651   Master Chief Petty Officer
Silfr Truxy 342.394  
Snow Ez Raider 252.938  
Sprocket Trez Bonz 552.933   Chief Petty Officer
Stogie Wadlow 519.029  
Threespeed BurningChrome 611.704  
Wombat ATM Machine 471.96  
xxv El Guapo 0   Recruit
Mission Task Pilot
Airlock BaneThunderwolf
Chalk Bag Beetle Juice
Cleaner Sprocket
Compressor Wrangler BaneThunderwolf
ComSat Monkey Threespeed
Comsat Monkey Partner 1 Beetle Juice
Damage Control Leotard
Deck Officer Sprocket
Deck Officer Asst. BaneThunderwolf
Flat Bag Silfr
Food Wrangler Wombat
Medi Bag Ganoderma
Minister of Zoobs BaneThunderwolf
Mission Leader BaneThunderwolf
Mission Pinner Ganoderma
Mission Reporter Sprocket
MRC Officer DrClaw
Navigator DrClaw
Print Jockey DrClaw
Radio Wrangler Threespeed
RadioBox A BaneThunderwolf
Radiobox B Leotard
Recycler Sprocket
Sentry Stogie
Skynet Operator (post-mission) BaneThunderwolf
Stellar Cartographer BaneThunderwolf
Sticker Bag BaneThunderwolf
Still Cam Stogie
Tailgunner Snow
Tool Bag Epoxy
Wookiee Bag Sidekick
Division: MAD
Date: 09/05/2015
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Tyler
Destination: The Chopping Block
Light Years: 17.8003
G-Well Activity: 1.31765
Technical Rating: 1.21193