Status: Success


Century Intercept

If the Century Peloton leaves Middleboro @ 12:00pm travelling north at 10mph, and the Intercept Team leaves the Fort @ 10:15pm travelling south at 9.83mph:
  1. Where will they collide?
  2. How much energy will be released by the collision?
  3. Will new ships, as predicted by theory, be created (and will they last for a measurable length of time)?
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bitzer Lust 430.544   Captain
Blipblipbeep Swamp Thing 283.099   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Frenchy Spooky Pirate 622.243  
moose Loki Ducker 920.988  
Oppo Doctor Love 354.34  
Rotwang Delirium 619.275  
Samurai PlateOShrimp 84.8533  
Sweetums War 760.874   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Zappa Ez Raider 484.126   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Taskforce Pilot
Navigator moose
Tailgunner Bitzer
Tool Bag Rotwang
Filmer Zappa

Mission Parameters

Mission Size9 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationThe Centurians
Light Years20.333
G-Well Activity1.5
Technical Rating1.984