Status: Away

USB Holy Molar

USB Holy Molar was commissioned to pay for Skunk's wisdom tooth extraction in a raffle, won by SCUL pilot Lefty Lucy. It was a successful venture with an impressive byproduct.

Looks good, feels good. What more can you ask for?


Light Years621.495
Thrust Rating4.211
Handling Rating4.113
Difficulty Rating6.753
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief EngineerFleet Admiral Skunk
BuilderFleet Admiral Skunk
WelderFleet Admiral Skunk
Christened on030503
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroCoaster


191005   Skunk Day 50 Rotwang
160604   Twentieth Anniversary Fox Rotwang
131102   Omegamission 2013 Kaibosch
070811   Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] RockStar
070611   Anarchy Day RockStar
070602   SCUL Day 2007 Kaibosch
070526   Rotwang Day RockStar
061014   80's Ride Part Deux (Megaseth Day) Rubbish
060909   Homecoming Queen Phooka
060812   eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 RockStar
060805   Swing Set (Diva Day) Kaibosch
060624   June Oh Ween Kaibosch
060527   Keep On Truckin (Rotwang Day) Lefty Lucy
051030   Hallowheels05 Kaibosch
050924   Isla Castilia Kaibosch
050917   Rain Rain Go Away Kaibosch
050910   Moose Day Celebrated AceHole
050903   Somethin or other Kaibosch
050820   Egg Toss Kaibosch
050730   NamelessDay: Local Defense System Roja Grande
050723   Megaseth Day Roja Grande
050521   No Plan Monkeyboy
050507   Iron Pouring Rotwang
050423   Radiation Overload Rotwang
050402   Aplamission 05 Monkeyboy
041030   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Lefty Lucy
040814   NoWay No-Show Lefty Lucy
040619   I Dunno (vomit day) Lefty Lucy
030906   Breaking Headlines PainBunny
030830   Century 03 Nameless
030823   Don't Tell Mom Evil Twin
030816   NoWay Day A-OK LoJack
030809   Large Melon beezwax
030802   Storm The Castle Lefty Lucy
030628   Take The Plunge Lefty Lucy
030614   Double Distress Call Trackstar
030517   Crack Day 2003 Lefty Lucy
030510   Get Outta Town Lefty Lucy
030503   Back In The Saddle Lefty Lucy