Status: Failure


Junk In The Trunk

This mission precedes the Chopper Century of 2002, so low key-ness was in order. Our Mission: to find a destiny for each of the Junker ships donated to SCUL. BRC Summer has become an acive ship stationed here at the fort. Asher took a shine to JPR Bumblebee, and kept it for her own. Which left us with to find unique ways of distributing TWE Mudder, BRC RedDevil, and BRC Spring. We worked under the presumption that these ships, if left to graze, would find their way to happy homes and greener pastures.

We were having so much fun with the idea that we deciced to add BRC Ateam to the roster of chopper osmosis.

Let the record also show that this was the first MAD SCUL mission Skunk did not ride, thus breaking his seven year perfect attendance, although techincally he missed Operation WhileTheCat'sAway, only because he was busy participating on the chopper mission to the Providence System.

It was a dark and stormy night… we set off from fort Summer, Asher on BumbleBee, ToeClip on RedDevil, RevD solo on StahHusslah and Moose on LokiDucker, dragging a very uncooperative Spring. Spring made several attempts (a few sucessful) to roll under LokiDucker, and managed to get a pedal into Moose's rear thruster, snapping two spokes. Moose resorted to soul-satisfying eye-for-an-eye, spoke-for-a-spoke revenge. After a slow wet ride, we entered the Davis Constellation and began the process of aclimating the ships to their new home. Spring is U-un-locked on College Ave, in front of store24 (with the key in the lock). It will probably live there until an inquisitive and acquisitive soul claims it. RedDevil was left in the hands of a stoic mime, by the T entrance. We then proceeded to drag ass back to the fort. We felt, unanamously, that BRC A-Team and Mudder would have to wait for another day to be set free. The mission, much like RedDevil, was short but sweet.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Asher Bumblebee 263.261  
moose Loki Ducker 236.242  
RevD Star Hustler 238.12   Commander
Toe Clip RedDevil 274.766   Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
DestinationFree from Junker Ships
Light Years4.28
G-Well Activity3.845
Technical Rating3.989