This is Diva's third ship in her series of bikes you can talk trash about. This ship was built with the intention of being able to handle a tough intergalactic voyage to Galaxy Vermont. The design was based on Waltor's Singularity,making IncinerRaider complete the first set of his and hers choppers. As such IncinerRaider has also been called the "Singulady." However, there have been some improvements on the original design. The ship features a plush backrest and fancy horn making it a lazyboy of the chopper world. It also promises to be able to carry heavy cargo loads.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Destroyer
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Origin: KungFool
Chief Engineer: Diva
Builder: Diva
Welder: waltor
Commission Date: 020504
Speeds: 1
Navigational Retro: Drum
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 92
Light Years: 2397.6713


Date Mission Pilot
171021   Day-Cordova Diva
161001   Truck Stop: Diva Day Delayed Diva
160416   The Friendly Skies Diva
150822   Tooth Fairy Diva
140419   Keester Bunny Diva
130810   Low Places, Tight Spaces, Permagrin Faces Diva
130622   Super Mooning: The Revenge Diva
130420   Defusion Diva
130406   Alpacamission '13 Diva
121027   Hallowheels 2012 Diva
120811   Shabadoonicorn Diva
120407   Cranktabulous Alphamission! Diva
110924   Longrange Badass Rendezvous Diva
110528   Picnic By The Sea Diva
110521   So Long And Thanks For All The Ι&#... Diva
110423   Shelter From The Storm Diva
110402   AlphaMission Diva
101002   War of 100 Light Years Diva
100807   Veteran Pilots Day Meets Iron Cog Day Diva
100424   Toolz Diva
091031   Hallowheels 2009 Diva
090926   Snobs 'N' Wigs Diva
090829   Veteran Pilots Day Diva
090620   Wounded Bird Diva
090508   Live Long and Phosphor Diva
090425   Space, the Final Funtier Diva
090404   Aplhamission Diva
080923   P-Town P-twn P(t)wned Diva
080830   13 Circles of Hell, Are We There Yet? Diva
080705   Waltor Day Carnival Diva
080621   Submersive Choppah Underwater League Diva
080517   Bicycle Boogie Diva
080419   Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Diva
080412   Get Everyone Lathed Diva
071013   This Little Piggie Cried OW!!! Diva
070811   Who's Got Tool Bag? [Diva Day] Diva
070721   SCULimpics 2007 Diva
070623   Fresh (Pond) Air Diva
070421   Down By The Old Mill Stream... Diva
070414   Suburban White Boy Lament [MegaSeth Day] Diva
070407   ALPHA 007 Diva
050826   Operation Super Posi Diva
050806   MarshYourMellow Diva
050702   WalTor Day (2005) Diva
050618   DiscoInferno (VomitDay 2005) Diva
050604   SCUL Day 2005 Diva
050521   NoPlan Diva
050409   BeetaMissssion Diva
050402   Aplamission2005 Diva
041030   Hallowheels2004 (OmegaMission) Diva
041016   JumpStart Diva
040905   SouthernExposure(Century04) Diva
040807   Booty Camp Diva
040727   CanUDigby Diva
040710   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) Diva
040630   Voulez Vous Woohoo Diva
040626   FireFlies Diva
040620   LoveTrain Diva
040605   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) Diva
040522   HowdyPartner(RotwangDay) Diva
040501   ShortAndSweet Diva
040424   OppoOppo Diva
040410   BetaRide Diva
040403   AlphaMission04 Diva
031004   SkunkDay2003 Diva
030906   BreakingHeadlines Diva
030830   Century2003 Diva
030809   LargeMelon Diva
030728   Intergalactic Lake Cham-Pain Diva
030726   TwoMilesPerHour Diva
030718   GoingCoastal Diva
030705   Waltor Day 2003 Diva
030628   TakeThePlunge Diva
030621   VomitDay2003 Diva
030614   DoubleDistressCall Diva
030607   ExpectToSeeDawn Diva
030510   GetOuttaTown Diva
030503   BackInTheSaddle Diva
030412   SloMo BetaMission Diva
021102   Hallowheels Diva
020830   AnotherPartial Century Diva
020825   Muppets Take Manhattan Diva
020821   SoloCentury Diva
020817   NoWay Day 2002 Diva
020802   Intergalaxative Rode Onland Diva
020713   TheQuickenin' Diva
020706   Submersion Diva
020629   FieldTrip Diva
020615   Vomit Day Diva
020601   SCUL Day 2002 Diva
020525   NoMoNegiJiggiMojo Diva
020504   RoughService Diva
Class: Destroyer 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 4.361 
Handling Rating: 7.909 
Difficulty Rating: 7.212