Status: Success


Intergalactic Lake Cham-Pain

Waltor and Diva headed north to circle the large nebula known as Lake Champlain. We headed up in transport thriough serious radiation. Before starting the flight we had a mechanical in that the buzzer on Incineraider shorted out. Some repairs were made and we were ready to fly. We started by heading through the Vermont Galaxy across some serious Gwell. We stopped at a luna in the Colchester System in order to buy some chain lube and then continued onward. Strong winds made it difficult to stay aboard our ships but we pressed on to the Grand Isle System. We stopped for some food molecules at a LunaGeneralStore and headed for a transportor designed for carryiong heavy cargo, transports and choppers across the nebula. We arrived in Galaxy NewYork and headed along the shore to Plattsburg for rest. Unfortunately we discovered that our landing site was atop some serious gwell and we had to climb to our finish of our first day. The next morning we headed back to the LakeChamplainIslands. Aboard the ferry we noticed several pilots on Harleys checking out our ships. We introduced ouirselves and discovered one was the Mayor of the Plattsburg System. Waltor gave him a SCUL sticker and urged him to join the fleet. Once on land again we followed the west coast of the islands north. We stopped for a radiation submergence at KingsPointStatePark and the continued to the NorthHero System for refueling. We then continued on through the Alburg System to RousesPOint in the NY galaxy. This system proved to offer more for the earth dollar than other systems. However, space stations varied in their level of accomodations. The third day we headed down the west coast of the Champlain Nebula. Only 6 light years into the day Waltor noticed he had a broken spoke in his primary thruster. We used a kevlar spoke repair and hoped it would hold till we could get to a Luna desingnated to choppers and other bicycles. We made it twenty light years and found a luna capable of giving us a new spoke. The repair was completed and we continued on to Port Kent. This leg of the trip proved to have some of the most serious gwell these pilots have ever encountered. However we continued on sin spacewalking. Arrival in PortKent hooked us up with the ferry across the nebula to the vermont galaxy. We arrived in the Burlington System, furled up and then headed back to Shelbourne to our space station. Again we enoucountered some rough gwell activity but we survived and enjoyed the voyage
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Diva Incineraider 2094.33  
Diva Incineraider 2094.33  
WalTor Singularity 3352.14  
WalTor Singularity 3352.14  
Task Force Pilot
Navigator WalTor

Mission Parameters

OriginShelbourne, VT
DestinationChamplain Island Tour
Light Years144.03
G-Well Activity2.612
Technical Rating1.01