Status: Damaged

GWB Vertigo

This ship has some beautiful geometry and is a stable ride. The ship has taken on equine bones on Halloween. An old favorite of Nameless, Vertigo was brought out of retirement for Hallowheels 2010 and is currently under the loving foster care of Wombat.


Light Years997.549
Thrust Rating4.044
Handling Rating1.011
Difficulty Rating8.901
Max Warp2

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull Type
Chief Engineer
Christened on010914
LocationFort Montrose
Navi Retro
Primary RetroCoaster


130824   15 Minutes to Fabulous Wombat
130817   Buzz Kill Wombat
130720   Please Sir May I Have S'more? Wombat
121103   Novemberiffic Omegamission Wombat
120407   Cranktabulous Alphamission! Wombat
111029   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels Wombat
110924   Cloudbuster Century Wombat
110910   Century Bendicorium Quo SCULibum Non Sit Wombat
110604   SCULimpics 2011 Wombat
101030   Omegamission Hallowheels Wombat
080607   SCUL Day 2008 Nameless
080524   Space Truckin' Nameless
080426   Merit Badge Twitch
080419   Don't Tell Megaseth it's MegaSeth Day Nameless
080412   Get Everyone Lathed Nameless
080405   AlphaMissle 08 Nameless
070526   Rotwang Day Rotwang
060916   Big Trouble In Little China Rotwang
060812   eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006 Rotwang
060806   Design Skwad Nameless
060805   Swing Set (Diva Day) Nameless
060715   SCULimpics 2006 Secret Chief
060520   Crack Day Of Awesome moose
060506   Alphamission 06 Nameless
050924   Isla Castilia moose
050910   Moose Day Celebrated Rotwang
050903   Somethin or other moose
050731   Nameless Day 05 Nameless
050716   Post SCULimpics Nameless
050625   LowKey Nameless
050604   SCUL Day 2005 Rotwang
050528   Full Metal Jackets (R0twang Day) Rotwang
041030   Hallowheels 2004 (Omegamission) Nameless
040828   Picnic Basket (Moose Day) Nameless
040710   Chop-In Theater (Waltor Day) pywaket
040703   Poisoning Pigeons In The Park? Nameless
040626   FireFlies Nameless
040612   Studio 53 Nameless
040605   SCUL Day 2004 (Abandon All Clothes) beezwax
040529   Wherever The Wind Blows Nameless
040508   Derby Durby Derbie beezwax
040430   Centvrion of Love Nameless
040424   Oppo Oppo Nameless
040410   Beta Ride Nameless
031018   Tour De Ville MoneyShot
021102   Hallowheels moose
021005   Skunk Day Observed Giraffe
020921   Massive Entropy Denial MoneyShot
020817   NoWay Day 2002 moose
020810   Castle Island moose
010908   Skylab Splashdown MoneyShot