Status: Success


Centvrion of Love

NosePicker, in all his wonder, after restoring and piloting USB Centvrion, still decided that it was a "good" idea to engage a century with Centvrion. Two Pilots, PigPen, and Namless, came as support and love.

Pilots engaged a terran parade for the Wake Up the Earth festival for a speedy start of 1.2 light years in 1 hour! Observational Food was outnumbered by paradional performers by a factor of 10!

The pilots then navagated the rest of the JP Pleasure Planet Star System , then through the Rozzie, Milton, and Quincy systems. The pilots located a secret Emiprical Detentional Facility upon a narrow and extented planted protruding deep into the Boston Harbor Nebula. After reconnisance and navigational counsel, pilots went in search of solid and liquid fuel, preferably of delicious, nutritious, and mom approved nature. However, the fleet settled for a luna Wendy's where ¬°PigPen! repaired a navigational thruster oxygen tank.

Pilots continued on towards the Blue G-Wells Reservation and were forced several times into spacewalking up some severe Negi G-Wells. On the Posi G-Wells of the Chickataubut planet, Centvrion defied death shimmy exceeding warp 37, a terrific speed for a frigate. Pilots then laboured up through the metro systems up through the Charles asteroid belt and out through the Cambridge system, stopping for Gyro molecules consumed at Fort Harrington.

With 30 light years left, pilots headed out for the Lexington Worm Hole, at the end of which, Nameless broke a booster axle. Flying swiftly the 10 light years to Fort Mass in the Arlington system yielded no repair boosters. Continuing on back to Fort Harrington profited a functional starboard booster to finish up the 5 light years at Fort Summer.

Pilots arrived in high spirits to a warm reception from Operation Short and Sweet pilots.

Super Posi!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Nameless Vertigo 1830.78   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Nosepicker Centvrion 653.654   Captain
PigPen Ez Raider 409.057   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Task Force Pilot

Mission Parameters

DestinationPain and Glory
Light Years100.5
G-Well Activity2.3
Technical Rating2