We found Monkeyboy under the porch. He had constructed an impressive miniature city, in which he was supreme ruler. He has since grown to be a very prominent member of the SCUL dynasty, but he's not quite grown enough to be "Monkeyman". We've been feeding him as much Miracle Grow as he can stomach.

Tour of Duty

Enlistment Date010407
Knighted BySCUL
Light Years670.16

Task Force Record

Medi Bag0.5


Hi-Fives/Waves Back97
Derby Win3
Fort Maintenance0.5
MRC Basic2
Misc Bonus125

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
110806 MAD Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) Civilian Ship
100731 MAD The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... Anarchy
050521 MAD No Plan Holy Molar
050402 MAD Aplamission 05 Holy Molar
040619 MAD I Dunno (vomit day) Skylab
040403 MAD Alphamission 04 Doctor Love
031101 MAD Hallowheels 03 Doctor Love
031018 MAD Tour De Ville Mjollnir
030927 MAD SCULimpics 2003 Devastation
030913 MAD Port Foint Devastation
030816 MAD NoWay Day A-OK Skylab
030809 MAD Large Melon Skylab
030726 MAD Two Miles Per Hour Skylab
030719 MAD Inmates Run The Asylum Skylab
030712 MAD Happy Fun Times Bike Club Skylab
030517 MAD Crack Day 2003 Skylab
030503 MAD Back In The Saddle Skylab
030412 MAD SloMoBetaMission Skylab
021102 MAD Hallowheels Skylab
021026 MAD Last Dance Mjollnir
021005 MAD Skunk Day Observed Skylab
020928 MAD SCULimpics 2002 Mjollnir
020921 MAD Massive Entropy Denial Mjollnir
020914 MAD Stickem Up Mjollnir
020907 MAD Hangin Tough Skylab
020817 MAD NoWay Day 2002 Skylab
020810 MAD Castle Island Ez Raider
020727 MAD Three Hour Tour Village Idiot
020720 MAD Wharf Rat Village Idiot
020706 MAD Submersion Village Idiot
020608 MAD ShouldaBeenThere Village Idiot
020601 MAD SCUL Day 2002 Village Idiot
020525 MAD No Mo Negi Jiggi Mojo Village Idiot
020511 MAD Shakes Rattle & Roll Village Idiot
020504 MAD RoughService Village Idiot
020427 MAD Derby World Village Idiot
020420 MAD Fresh Pond Chat Village Idiot
020413 MAD 5000 Mile Mark Village Idiot
020406 MAD Alphamission 02 Village Idiot
010901 MAD Down Mechanical Lane Swamp Thing
010818 MAD SCULimpics 2001 Games Swamp Thing
010811 MAD Film Noir Swamp Thing
010804 MAD Pancreatic Cramitore Swamp Thing
010721 MAD FlamingGlobe Swamp Thing
010714 MAD Narrow Passage Swamp Thing
010624 MAD Square Ride Swamp Thing
010602 MAD Mmmm... Ice Cream Swamp Thing
010526 MAD The Naughty MIT Policeman Taught Us A New Word Swamp Thing
010512 MAD Shake Yer Booty Pestilence
010428 MAD Get Lost Famine
010414 MAD Constant Groovin' Famine
010407 MAD Aplhamission 21 Pride