Pilot Date2011.10.29
Total Light Years1,903.51


Deck Officer1
Gate Attendant1
MRC Officer1
Com-Sat 111
Com-Sat 24
Com-Sat 31
Tool Bag7
Flat Bag7
Medi Bag3
Wookiee Bag6
Sticker Bag1
Chalk Bag6
Still Cam2
Life Support 11
Life Support 21
Life Support 32
Damage Control6
Minister of Zoobs2
Mission Reporter1
Compressor Wrangler5
Paper Wrangler1
Radio Wrangler2


Derby Win
Transport Services

Ships Built


Hosted ByFleet Admiral Skunk
Enlistment Date2011.02.03
Knighted ByBendy
Pilot Date2011.10.29

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2021.09.18 MAD Aye Aye, Butterfly! Civilian Ship
2020.05.02 MAD Solo Scavenger Hunt BB-61
2019.11.02 MAD Hallowheels 19 BB-61
2019.08.24 MAD Riot Grrrlz In Space Synesthesia
2019.08.17 MAD Gremlins: The First Batch Star Hustler
2019.07.27 MAD Reindeer Games Star Hustler
2019.04.27 MAD Pullin' G's Lust
2018.10.07 MAD A HONKing Good Time Civilian Ship
2018.09.22 MAD Fall In Line Water
2018.07.28 MAD Ancient Alien Ruins Star Hustler
2018.07.14 SCD Anchors A-weigh BB-61
2018.06.09 MAD Confusion Reigns War
2017.11.04 MAD Life Day 2017 Centvrion
2017.10.08 MAD Largest Parade Formation Ever Civilian Ship
2017.10.07 MAD Little Red Riding pre-HONK! Equator
2017.09.16 MAD Meskenas Mischief Kamp -n- YOLO
2017.09.09 SCD Glorious Sandchasers present Monbies & Dandies Tallboi
2017.08.05 MAD Siren Song Chastity
2017.07.22 MAD Chop To The Hop Caduceus
2017.07.15 MAD Christmas In July Chutes & Ladders
2017.05.06 MAD Wheeled Migration El Guapo
2017.04.29 MAD We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out Ez Raider
2016.11.05 MAD Life Day 2016 Chrome Pony
2016.10.22 MAD Poefection Barf Bag
2016.09.30 MAD Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux Yer Mom
2016.07.30 MAD Lowell Folk Funkival Summer
2016.07.23 MAD Castles In The Sand Cloudbuster
2016.06.18 SCD Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Infectious Groove
2016.06.04 MAD Twentieth Anniversary Fox Moneypenny
2015.11.07 MAD Omegamission 2015 Bonnie & Clyde
2015.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Annihilation
2015.10.10 MAD Illuminus Iridium
2015.09.26 MAD Where's The Beef? Mad Rabbit
2015.07.25 SCD Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Water
2015.07.11 MAD Rat Pack Water
2015.07.04 MAD Spindependence Water
2015.06.13 MAD Keeping up ApPEARances Moneypenny
2015.06.06 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Greed
2015.05.23 MAD Photon Overdrive Bieber Fever
2015.05.16 MAD Show and Tell Annihilation
2015.05.02 MAD String Theory Water
2015.04.11 MAD Ellipsoidal Oviform Search and Rescue Trez Bonz
2014.10.18 SCD Flying in the Face of Providence Pale Horse
2014.10.12 MAD Chonk! Moneypenny
2014.10.11 MAD This Mission Brought To You By The Letter 'D' Iridium
2014.10.04 MAD Skunk Day '14: Spring Forward, Fall Back Abandon All Hope
2014.09.27 SCD Chasing Down the Day Star: Parts 1 & 2 Hook
2014.08.23 MAD Aquaprincess Delirium
2014.08.16 MAD Let's Get Physical Abandon All Hope
2014.08.09 MAD Mind Trip Chrome Pony
2014.07.19 MAD Ghost Ship One Night Stand
2014.07.12 MAD Into The Grid Trez Bonz
2014.05.17 SCD Luna Libros II: Codex Schmodex El Guapo
2014.05.03 MAD Safety Dance Compliance
2014.04.26 MAD Smooth Sailing Rhinoceros
2014.04.19 MAD Keester Bunny Trez Bonz
2014.04.05 MAD Alphonsemission '14 Mjollnir
2013.10.12 MAD Art In The Third Dimension! Bonnie & Clyde
2013.09.14 MAD Funky Mummy Chastity
2013.09.07 MAD Back 2 SCUL Cloudbuster
2013.08.17 MAD Buzz Kill Bieber Fever
2013.08.10 MAD Low Places, Tight Spaces, Permagrin Faces Summer
2013.06.15 MAD Casual Violence Trez Bonz
2013.06.08 MAD Sea or Sugar Moneypenny
2013.04.20 MAD Defusion Darkendank
2013.04.06 MAD Alpacamission '13 Anger
2012.08.04 MAD No Matter What Chutes & Ladders
2012.06.16 MAD Where My Party At? Pale Horse
2012.05.26 MAD I Don't Want To Grow Up Roll Bounce
2012.05.12 MAD Word To Your Mother! Yer Mom
2012.05.05 MAD Super Mooning Spooky Pirate
2012.04.28 MAD Voyage to Arkham Compliance
2012.04.14 MAD Saturn in Opposition Greed
2012.04.07 MAD Cranktabulous Alphamission! Chrome Pony
2011.12.31 MAD Cranks for the Memories Water
2011.10.29 MAD I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels War
2011.10.02 MAD HONK! Parade Chastity
2011.09.10 MAD Century Bendicorium Quo SCULibum Non Sit One Night Stand
2011.07.09 MAD Asylum Reboot Pestilence
2011.07.02 MAD Wild Goose Chase Chrome Pony
2011.06.18 MAD Skywriter Mad Rabbit
2011.06.04 MAD SCULimpics 2011 Bonnie & Clyde
2011.05.28 MAD Picnic By The Sea Chastity
2011.04.30 MAD Let Them Eat Cake Swamp Thing
2011.04.09 MAD Repo Men Chastity
Bronze Cog