Kamp'n YOLO
Featuring 47 inch diameter wooden tires, Kamp'nYOLO is a bumpy ride. The brake pads are made of sand paper, 80 grit does the job fine.

This ship was built to test the wheel design for future applications in Kinetic Sculpture Racing. If it can survive SCUL it can handle anything. It pass the test with only small cringes every time a crunching sound was heard from below. Its hard to tell the different between a nearby cup being crushed and the plywood tires delaminating.

Construction Info

Ship Status: Destroyed / Decommmissioned
Ship Class: Battleship
Ship Configuration: H.A.R.V
Hull Material: Wood
Hull Type: Raleigh
Origin: HomeDespot
Chief Engineer: eXceSs
Builder: eXceSs
Welder: eXceSs
Commission Date: 170422
Speeds: 1
Navigational Retro: Side-pull Caliper
Primary Retro: Side-pull Caliper
Missions: 2
Light Years: 22.9654


Date Mission Pilot
170916   Meskenas Mischief DreadFlint
170422   Creampuff eXceSs
Class: Battleship 
Configuration: H.A.R.V 
Thrust Rating: 
Handling Rating: 0.5 
Difficulty Rating: 9.9