Status: Failure


Bring Your Own Fun

While trailer construction went on during MRC, incompletion and the
need for another engineering/building session meant that the pilots
were out to have fun, and fun was had! There was permigrinnin',
dancin', and all kinds of awesomeness.

There were of course mechanicals, and quite a few electricals, and 20
beautiful pilots and one civvie guest who bravely (and unexpectedly)
broke the Fleet Admiral's fall over by Union Square.

Massive amounts of grooving happened over at Kendall.

Summer's antenna was wussy. We boo at it's wussiness, but we grooved
anyway! We grooved the constellations (minus Harvard, cuz who needs
em?), and derbying was done. Frenchy rocked the JV house, and varsity
was hot hot hot with Nosepicker blasting many. Also, Dozer crashed
into SecretChief a bunch.

Threespeed made sure everything and everyone stayed in some kind of
working order. There was a Baton game courtesy of Hapto, and it
was... underplayed, but 50pt bonuses for those involved (hey.... why
didn\'t I get it... sadness!)(psst.. Sammo got it and "kept it safe").

Aside from a crashing Fleet Admiral, Pywacket was not hurt at all. Uh
huh, I know there's all kinds of amazement on your face.

Also, the illustrious happy wonderful Bubo was knighted the rank of
pilot. Huzzah!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bubo Ooh La La 159.166   Aviator First Class
dillweed Pestilence 223.275   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Dozer Summer 185.932   Ensign
eHawk Civilian Ship 558.2   Commander
Fleet Admiral Skunk Catastrophe 261.946   Vice Admiral
Frenchy El Guapo 391.77   Chief Petty Officer
GRIMLOCKE Lust 242.857   Master Chief Petty Officer
Hapto Basquiat 224.8   Commodore
Iscariot Darkendank 223.749   Chief Petty Officer
Mars Phobos 208.758   Lieutenant Junior Grade
MegaSeth Night Fever 146.145   Lieutenant
Nosepicker Famine 78.727   Chief Petty Officer
Onath Star Hustler 169.753   Petty Officer Second Class
Pinky Star Hustler (Bombardier) 116.84   Aviator First Class
pywaket Cloudbuster 730.457   Captain
Samurai Heartbreaker 307.122   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Scurvy Compliance 163.969   Aviator First Class
Secret Chief Yer Mom 276   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Threespeed Schadenfreude 647.847   Commander
Trisignata Shprocketz 107.019   Chief Petty Officer
Task Force Pilot
Airlock eHawk
Beer Wrangler GRIMLOCKE
Chalk Bag Onath
Compressor Wrangler GRIMLOCKE
Damage Control Secret Chief
Deck Officer eHawk
Flat Bag Frenchy
Food Wrangler GRIMLOCKE
Medi Bag Bubo
Mission Reporter eHawk
Navigator Iscariot
Radio Wrangler Pinky
Sentry Samurai
Still Cam Fleet Admiral Skunk
Tailgunner dillweed

Mission Parameters

OriginFort Summer
DestinationHaul Skunk on a New Trailer
Light Years9
G-Well Activity1.7
Technical Rating1.5