Built for ray shields carriage, drunken Food stumbles directly into
her when SCULly is inconigto. On most nights, she conceals her secret
identity and flies with sparkling colors.

Theme song: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part I by The
Flaming Lips (picked by YT)

Construction Info

Ship Status: Active
Ship Class: Frigate
Ship Configuration: Fighter
Hull Material: Steel
Hull Type: Cruiser
Origin: Samurai's Basement
Chief Engineer: hackworth
Builder: yt
Welder: Fleet Admiral Skunk
Commission Date: 090829
Speeds: 3
Primary Retro: Coaster
Missions: 65
Light Years: 1363.3930


Date Mission Pilot
191102   Hallowheels 19 yt
190811   Dawn Patrol yt
161105   Life Day 2016 yt
160402   Alfrescomission '16 yt
151031   Hallowheels 2015 yt
150725   Local Early Bird Special yt
150404   Alfalfa Mission '15 yt
140405   Alphonsemission '14 yt
131102   Omegamission 2013 yt
130824   Metric Century of the Phoenix yt
130817   Buzz Kill yt
130810   Low Places, Tight Spaces, Permagrin Faces yt
130727   SCULimpics 2013 yt
130713   Stifie's Chooper Gang yt
130406   Alpacamission '13 yt
121103   Novemberiffic Omegamission yt
121013   Century 2012 yt
120630   One Wet Pilot yt
120623   Chopra vs. Godzilla yt
120526   I Don't Want To Grow Up yt
120519   Disco Diva Dance Party yt
120512   Word To Your Mother! yt
120505   Super Mooning yt
120421   Tea and Grackle yt
120414   Saturn in Opposition yt
120407   Cranktabulous Alphamission! yt
111029   I'm Dreaming of a White Hallowheels yt
111015   Gag Me With A Raspberry Beret yt
111008   Skunk Day yt
111001   Medley Mission yt
110910   Century Bendicorium Quo SCULibum Non Sit yt
110820   8-bit Seal Cruft yt
110813   Tyler Perry Presents Mary Tyler Moore In 'Fort ... yt
110806   Princess 5: Hapto's Last Stand (for now) yt
110730   Fashion Show yt
110723   Gong Swimmin' yt
110716   Bach in the USSR (boretum) yt
110702   Wild Goose Chase yt
110528   Picnic By The Sea yt
110521   So Long And Thanks For All The Ι&#... yt
110507   Donatello Anybody Van Der Goes To Make A Messina yt
110430   Let Them Eat Cake yt
110416   To The Finish yt
110409   Repo Men yt
110402   AlphaMission yt
101030   Omegamission Hallowheels yt
101023   Shiny Metals yt
101002   War of 100 Light Years yt
100925   Ground Pounder yt
100918   SCULimpics Night Games yt
100904   Hurricane Fail yt
100814   Farmworth: Intergalactic! yt
100731   The Gentille Ladylike Missonette de La Belle Ha... yt
100724   Orchestral Maneuvers in Space yt
100703   Exquisite Corpsicle yt
100619   Waterworld yt
100612   Earth Girls are Easy yt
100605   SCULimpics yt
100529   Gelatinous Cube yt
100410   Blue Angels in a Ho-down yt
100402   Alpha-haha-mission 2010 yt
091031   Hallowheels 2009 yt
090912   Puddle Jumpers yt
090905   Stormin' the Castle yt
090829   Veteran Pilots Day yt
Class: Frigate 
Configuration: Fighter 
Thrust Rating: 7.046 
Handling Rating: 5.611 
Difficulty Rating: 5.956