Earth Girls are Easy
SCUL is PROUD to be whatever the heck it is, and totally digs other
folks gettin' their PRIDE on too. This Saturnight being an official
time of great PRIDE among certain elements of our galaxy, SCUL
committed itself to join the celebratin' in style.

Mission began with familiar patrolling territory, and
we piloted the Stations of the T, covering the Davis, Porter, and
Harvard constellations to deliver funk and funkadelia to our proud
population. On our way into Central we were hailed by a StormTrooper,
who was wary at first of our being part of some other proud flight
organization, but who was dazzled by Skunk's Cloak of Spanglitude and
agreed that it was far, far too fabulous to be taken off.

Navimagator Bendy then led us over the Charles Asteroid Belt (taking
the Smoot Run in fewer parsecs than many a boastful pilot). We headed
for Constellation South, estimated to be the most Prideful part of our
nearby systems. Many high-fives were exchanged and cups crushed. No
civilians were crushed, despite the number who appeared to be of
unusually high molecular weight, attesting to the Valor of this
mission's crew.

Several black holes were circumnavigated, and eventual shore leave was
declared near the banks of the Heavy Nebula. Personal Orbital
Rotating Shields were deployed, and another proud pilot joined up with
our patrolling band.

Radiation continued to increase slowly throughout the mission,
including technological as well as natural contributions to this
interesting space phenomenon. Remember, pilots, maggots, civilians,

Mission ended with more crew members than it began with, including not
only lamers who showed up late but newly hatched-and-hazed maggots.
And if that doesn't make a mission great, then we're gonna have to get
us more unicorns and some doughnuts.

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Bendy Dirty Dino 759.12   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Brick Compliance 447.114   Petty Officer 1st Class
Dozer Annihilation 653.645   Master Chief Petty Officer
Fleet Admiral Skunk Cloudbuster 786.16  
Keebler Ooh La La 0   Recruit
Killgore Ez Raider 218.641   Petty Officer 3rd Class
Leotard Lazarus -385.12  
pywaket Civilianship 122.58   Vice Admiral
RexHazard Pioneer 0   Recruit
SelfDestruct Delirium 462.967  
Threespeed Iron Butterfly 558.94  
Treekiller chlorophyll 662.12   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
yt SecretAsianSCULly 1160.32   Admiral
ZombiePhD Yellow Submarine 498.147   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Mission Task Pilot
ComSat Monkey Threespeed
Damage Control Dozer
Deck Officer Dozer
Deck Officer Asst. Leotard
Flat Bag SelfDestruct
Food Wrangler yt
Medi Bag Treekiller
Mission Leader Fleet Admiral Skunk
Mission Reporter ZombiePhD
MRC Officer yt
Navigator Bendy
RadioBox A Leotard
Sentry Bendy
Sticker Bag Brick
Still Cam Fleet Admiral Skunk
Tailgunner Treekiller
Tool Bag RexHazard
Wookiee Bag Killgore
Division: MAD
Date: 06/12/2010
Status: Success 
Origin: Fort Bartlett
Destination: Pride
Light Years: 18.68
G-Well Activity: 2.71
Technical Rating: 4.51